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7 Ways to Make Your School More Eco friendly


The effects of climate change are intensifying day by day. As responsible human beings, we ought to take necessary measures to bring about a change and to shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Even a small change in our lifestyle can make a huge difference. A person's development into a responsible citizen starts in school. Students must therefore be taught the value of leading an eco friendly lifestyle. This article will guide you to create an eco friendly environment at school.

Let us walk you through some methods that you can incorporate into the school culture in order to make your students go green!

Sustainable School Supplies

At the beginning of every academic year, school supplies always make students feel so excited. Most schools provide school supplies to their students. Your school must be too. School students are usually attracted to stationary materials that are colorful and visually appealing, yet, in most cases, these aesthetically pleasing stationery items can be harmful to students and the environment.

As providers, you can be the change. Instead of providing school supplies that are made of plastics and other harmful materials, ensure that you provide your students with the things that are made of materials that makes the environment happy too. In this way, students involuntarily pick up the habit of using supplies that are sustainable and they may continue this practice for a lifetime. Think about how much of a change you are bringing in their lives.

Build Your Garden

Starting a garden in your school premises can have a lot of benefits. They adds beauty to your school premises and also help you to create a healthy environment in your school. It can kindle an interest in students towards gardening. Plants also have the power to purify the air around them and hence, it will be great for all the individuals who are part of the school community. Gardening makes students realize the essentialities of plants in our life. Also, students get the opportunity to closely observe plants and learn a lot about them as it gives a scope for experiential learning for your pupils. These gardens can also offer food that is free of toxins. Moreover, activities like these foster the connection between students and nature. As it would be an interactive activity, it improves the relationship between students and with teachers.

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Proper Waste Management

Waste management can contribute to a great extent to creating an eco friendly environment in schools. Teach your children the significance of waste management, and watch out that they don't leave the school property littered. Every pupil should start learning this from a young age. As they get older, they shouldn't leave trash around the streets. Thus, developing the practice of keeping your environment clean can assist these pupils become responsible adults who will maintain a clean and tidy environment.

In school, ensure that there are proper facilities for waste disposal. Allocate different waste bins for dry and wet waste or for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. In addition, recycle materials that can be recycled, which takes to our next point.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

You can take steps to reduce waste in schools by implementing recycling programs. One of the most common items in schools is paper. Paper is used for a variety of purposes at educational institutions, often excessively. You can recycle these papers or take the right steps to reduce paper waste. Encourage your pupils to recycle resources for their projects and creative activities. These methods can significantly cut down on these wastes. Becoming more digital is another way to lessen the use of paper. Find out how to achieve it by reading on.

Digitalization is the Key

It requires loads of paper to manage a lot of things in a school which can, in turn, increase the amount of waste being produced. The solution to this issue is digitization. All student records can be converted to digital format. With Teachmint, you can virtually control all aspects of school administration, including finances, attendance, and other student data. You can streamline administrative tasks using this platform by saving a tonne of time and using less paper. Teachmint can therefore assist to decrease the waste produced by these activities.

To reduce paper waste, you can also conduct the unit tests and other exams online. Teachmint can be used to conduct tests online. It makes it simpler for you to formulate questions and choose the level of difficulty, etc. Moreover, the Teachmint platform offers different modes of assessment such as multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, subjective questions, true or false, etc. It facilitates the whole process of conducting the exams and the evaluation of students. Moreover, instead of giving out notes in hard copies, you may use soft copies to minimize paper consumption.

Green Clubs for Green Campus

Green clubs can help to keep the campus clean and to give students aware of keeping it eco friendly. These clubs can ensure the smooth running of waste management systems in the school. In addition to that, they can conduct activities to spread awareness about being eco friendly. It is of paramount importance that students are aware of how they can lead a sustainable life. These clubs can organize programs like clean-up drives to keep the surroundings clean. They can also hold conferences, workshops, and seminars to educate students about the importance of eco friendly practices.

Environment-friendly Practices

Students can integrate environment-friendly habits into their daily lives. Encourage your students to use public transportation or school buses for commutation. This reduces the usage of private vehicles that their parents or guardians may use for dropping off their children at school. Teachers can also choose to travel by school buses for the same reasons.

Teachers can reward their students for using eco-friendly objects for their day-to-day needs. Enlighten your students on the negative impacts of hazardous substances like plastics. Encourage them to use lunch boxes, water bottles that are made from non-toxic materials. You can also acknowledge their healthy behaviors as it can influence other students as well.


The article would have given an insight into how you can transform your school into an eco friendly space. Follow these methodologies to minimize the use of non-biodegradable substances like plastic. Schools can greatly influence the behavior of an individual. For a better tomorrow, make sure you are nurturing healthy habits like these among your students. This helps you to build a community of individuals who are informed and smart enough to establish a sustainable way of life.

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