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8 Fun Activities Teachers Can Use on Eid

No matter which religion you belong to, you must learn to respect all religions. Different religions have different festivals, and Eid-Ul-Fitr is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world. This festival marks the end of the holy month of Ramzan. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad first sighed the holy Quran during this pious month. The festival of Eid is also celebrated to thank Allah for all the blessings, strength, and courage showered upon people during Ramzan.

How is Eid celebrated all over the world?

Eid is one of the most important festivals for Muslims all over the world. Those who complete the month-long fasting in Ramzan are believed to be showered with grace, good health, prosperity, and harmony. Eid celebration starts after the morning prayer. People dress up in new clothes and greet each other. Moreover, many people shower their loved ones with gifts. Also, they gather at a place to enjoy a feast.

Why is educating children about religious festivals important?

Festivals bring us together and promote harmony. Moreover, it is a way to support each other’s culture. Educating children about different cultures and religions develops their thinking and makes them respect other traditions. That’s why teachers need to educate their students about different religious festivals. However, they do not need to follow the old tradition of providing lectures to students. They can teach students about diversity and other cultures by indulging kids in various activities.

Read to know about different activities that you as a teacher can use to educate your students about Eid.

Fun and Interesting Eid Activities for Students

Decorations in different languages

Most students are aware of English and vernacular languages. However, they might not know about the scripts of other languages like Arabic. Ask your students to prepare wall decor and other crafts using different languages. They can show their creativity by using colored paper and pens. You can ask your students to learn a few positive messages and write those messages in English, Urdu, and other languages of their choice.

Glass jar decoration

Provide basic materials like glue, glass, colored papers, and pens to your students. Ask them to show their creativity and imagination on that glass jar. They can mix the glue and water to prepare a thick paste. Then students can coat the glass jar with the prepared paste. Next, they can use colored paper to decorate the glass jar. Ask them to stick the papers nicely on the jar and not leave any place uncovered. Once the jar is decorated with paper, they can put lights or candles inside the jar.

Making stars and moon with papers

Encourage students to make as many paper stars and moons they can make using colored papers, gift wrapping paper, and pens. Moreover, they can even use disposable plates to make the moon. Students can choose bright hues to paint their moons and stars. They can decorate their classroom using these paper-made moons and stars.

Gift envelopes

Giving gifts to each other not only brings happiness but also brings people close to each other. Students can make gift envelopes for Eid. They can use plain or colored paper for envelopes. Students can use these envelopes to gift cards to their relatives, friends, and family members.

Making sweets

Eid is all about meeting and greeting people and filling your mouth with the sweetness of various delicacies. Teachers can assign a home activity to students where they can ask them to cook their favorite sweets. This activity will also help students learn the art of cooking.

Printable coloring activity

This is a perfect activity for kids who love to show their creativity through artwork. You can provide painting sheets to your students and ask them to show their skills on that paper. The internet is filled with painting materials based on the theme of Eid. You can download those materials and provide them to your students.

Quizzes and puzzles

Prepare a fun game involving questions on Eid. It would help them learn more about Ramzan and Eid. Also, they can use their learning to educate young children about this festival.

DIY Eid jewelry

Ask your students to make DIY jewelry based on the theme of Eid. They can try making a necklace or a bracelet. Supply them with basic materials to bring out their inner creativity.

These are some fun activities to encourage students to learn about the pious festival Eid. In addition, you can ask them to prepare a collage or write notes on this festival.

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