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Attendance Report - A Walkthrough


An attendance report is a record of the attendance of the students or employees in a class or institution which will double as a comprehensive description of their performance. It will include details such as the name of the student or employee, the days they have attended, the timeslots in which they were absent, class name, and the current attendance status of the student or teacher among other things. So, an attendance report is essentially an extension of the attendance sheet which can give all the stakeholders involved in the education system a deep insight into their performance as a result of this.

It is important to note that an attendance report is not restricted to monitoring student attendance, it can also be used by the admins of institutions to keep track of the attendance of their teaching and non-teaching staff as well, which makes the use of attendance reports multidimensional.

What Does an Attendance Report Contain?

An attendance report, as mentioned earlier, strives to bring out all the inconsistencies in a person’s attendance record and have it examined for subsequent classification. So, keeping that in mind, an attendance report contains the following details:

  • The name of the individual
  • The admission number/employee number
  • Scheduled amount of hours for work/ study
  • The actual amount of hours worked
  • The amount of time spent at the institution in total, including the number of hours spent at the labs, library, etc.
  • The leave status of the students as well as the teachers
  • The expected check-in and check-out times for students, teachers, and non-teaching staff alike
what is biometric attendance system
biometric attendance system

6 Reasons Why Attendance Reports are Important

Is there a need for attendance reports? Well, attendance reports are basically an indication of an individual’s performance, allowing the administrator to keep track of all the people who come under the supervision of the institution. Here are some reasons why keeping track of attendance is quite important:

Hold Students Responsible

Making students aware of their follies without causing any psychological, emotional, or physical harm to them is vital, especially because the concept of discipline in a class is quite important. This means that the onus of attending class is the collective responsibility of the students as well as the parents. An attendance report generated using an attendance management system holds the students and parents accountable for the student’s performance.

Calculate Salary/Wages/Overtime

In the case of teachers, administrators can keep an eye on the attendance of the teachers to gauge their efficiency as a result of which their salaries or wages can be calculated. Keeping track of this on a regular basis ensures that a just decision is made when it comes to awarding the teachers accordingly. Teachers are supposed to be role models for students, and the latter’s performance is often affected by their efficiency.

Saves Time and Money

This is another important aspect of an attendance report - it gives the admins the chance to make decisions on students and teachers on the basis of their performance, something that can be gauged objectively by making use of a detailed attendance report. The idea is to allocate resources effectively, which ultimately leads to saving money and time for all the stakeholders involved.

Managing Records Of Multiple Employees & Students

Keeping track of records, especially in very large institutions, is quite laborious. The variables involved are quite varied and keeping track of all of them manually is not only challenging on the amount of effort that needs to be put in but also the amount of redoing that will be required if there are any errors.

Helps Reduce Absenteeism

This is a problem that is mostly student-centric. Being absent on a regular basis can affect students in quite a negative way and may not only affect their grades but also their involvement in class and as a result, even the way they perceive their education and school or college life in general. Reducing absenteeism is absolutely necessary for any institution and an attendance report can clearly bring out the trends if a student or teacher is displaying such absenteeism.

Gives Clear Analysis Regarding the Pattern Followed

An attendance report can be used to find patterns of absenteeism in students and teachers and tackle them accordingly. Out of the 4 types of evaluation models for teachers, only observation is the only one that can be used to recognize patterns in this case, something that takes a lot of time and effort, which most admins would not have. The idea behind evaluation is to get a better understanding of the problem at hand, and recognizing patterns involves analyzing data. Such intricate and in-depth data can only be collected with the help of tools such as attendance management systems.


An attendance report is hence a very useful tool in making sure that teachers and students alike make it to class on time and take leaves only when absolutely necessary. The idea behind having a system that creates attendance reports is that it reduces the workload on the teachers to keep track of the attendance of the students and the admins to keep track of the attendance of the teachers as well as the students. Teachmint offers a robust attendance management system to help keep track of these criteria and more. The more automated school becomes, the easier it is for all the stakeholders to carry out their individual tasks with ease, making the whole process effortless and seamless.

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