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The Connected Classroom Revolution: Why Traditional Learning Needs an Upgrade

The last few years have witnessed significant change when it comes to the structure of classrooms. Technology has only gained importance and has evolved rapidly in the last 5 years. It is the reason why the education system as a whole has seen constant reformation.

At present, Digital classroom have taken over the education industry and the students can easily turn to online resources to provide them with support. It is because of the presence of digital classroom that students have study access to online resources along with collaboration tools making it easy for them to manage everyday study requirements.

As there has been an increase in the use of online resources, it has become imperative for educators to ensure that they have a strong and reliable infrastructure present that can help the students better. This includes the presence of high speed internet, digital board for classroom, audio-visual aids and so on.

In simple terms, the education industry today is working towards achieving a balance between online and offline resources. but the objective remains the same, that is to provide a Holistic experience to the students in terms of their studies. It is at this junction that the concept of connected classroom is introduced.

What is Connected Classroom?

A connected classroom can be best defined as a Framework that is associated with integrating the best of both Worlds. This includes the infusion of modern and trending Technology resources and their further incorporation in the daily learning activities of students.

Through the use of this classroom teaching it becomes possible for educators to be able to incorporate customization in the teaching methods that they are selecting. This is because it makes it easy for them to select teaching styles that will be conducive to all the students. It can also help in meeting the specific needs and learning styles of some certain students and ensuring they have a smooth learning curve.

Using this technology it becomes easier for the Teachers to incorporate new learning styles along with new teaching methods. For example, the teachers can easily make use of digital board for classroom and connect it to the internet. In this way they can have access to animated videos and audios that can be shown in the classroom. The impact will be improving the retention of the content being shown by the students, through the use of audio and visual mediums.

Benefits of Connected Classroom

 it is important to understand that one of the goals of every education institute is to make sure the students are engaged with the classroom. It is important for the Teachers to be able to foster critical thinking and also encourage innovative and creative ideas in the students. The prevalence of online resources can aid in that, and provide the correct incentive to the students to work hard.

Teachers should also take the initiative to ensure that students have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The framework of a connected classroom brings forward a lot of advantages for the students. 

Let us take a look at the benefits associated with this technology.

1) Familiarity: One of the first advantages associated with this Framework is that it drinks forward familiarity. Students are provided with the routine that the teachers follow making it easier and familiar for them to understand and engage with. This provides them with comfort in the learning process and they find it engaging and interesting rather than boring.

2) Improves ability to retain information: The advantage of using a connected classroom method also means that it allows the students to retain more information. Teachers can easily make use of visual and audio support to cause the contents to come to life. In this way students are not only able to comprehend the content but also understand it critically and logically. In this way retaining information becomes easier.

3) Better Adaptability: The use of a connected classroom interface also allows for better adaptability. This is because the Framework makes it possible for teachers to incorporate different learning styles so that it can suit the varied needs of different students. It is important to consider the fact that not all students have the same capability when it comes to learning. As a result, through this approach teachers can take other teaching styles to make it easy for the students to understand them.


To conclude, there are indeed a lot of benefits associated with connected classrooms. It is the reason why this is the technology of the future.

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