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Converting Passion Into Success With The Help Of Teachmint!

“If you feel like there's something out there that you're supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.” -Wanda Skyes

With the right combination of passion and perseverance, impossible things can turn possible. Teachmint is proud to share one such passionate story of Mr. Abhinav Agarwal, a post-graduate student of IIT Bombay and a Physics teacher.  His journey from being a Hindi medium school student to reaching IIT can only be called incredible. Hard work and patience were his best friends from the very beginning, but what added feathers to his cap was his dedication to help others. The reason we call his story a passionate one is because even after facing failure in life, he didn’t give up. Abhinav sir wanted to pursue graduation from IIT but due to the lack of the right guidance and resources, he missed the chance. However, he chose to fight back and along with pursuing graduation from a local college in Moradabad, he started preparing for IIT again. His hard work, dedication, and passion paid off and today he is pursuing M.Sc Physics from IIT Bombay. He started teaching for the passion he had towards the profession, he feels that every child deserves a quality education.

‘Nothing compares to the satisfaction on my students’ face when they understand a concept well. I feel proud and my efforts feel worth it at that very moment.’

Teaching while pursuing a master’s was not an easy job to sign up for but as his personality suggests, he is not someone who gives up. He decided to teach online and hence began searching for a good online teaching platform. He wanted to interact and connect with his students personally rather than his classes being one-sided lectures. Platforms like zoom and youtube did not match his expectations and his search kept going. Seven months ago he heard about Teachmint and thought of giving it a try and here is what he has to say about his experience with Teachmint-

‘I  love Teachmint for it keeps on evolving, teachers can make the classes more interactive with the use of new features like instant polls, tests, etc. The live-recording feature has all my heart as it helps my students go back to my classes anytime they want. They can watch the recordings at a faster speed as per their convenience. Teachmint is no less than a blessing for all the online teachers.’

For Abhinav sir, teaching is not just a money-minting profession, it is an act of humanity. When students come to a teacher, they come with hope in their hearts that their teacher will not only guide them in the right direction but will also challenge their capabilities to bring the best out of them.  He believes that teaching is a profession that keeps a teacher’s learning going.

‘Along with teaching, I get to learn something new from my students each day.’

Teachmint is proud to be associated with teachers like Abhinav sir, such teachers not only inspire us but also motivate us to come up with the best features possible. We wish Abhinav sir all the best for his future.

Teachmint offers the most sophisticated integrated school platform for the 21st century, bringing together the most effective elements of teaching, learning, and management together under a single roof. To know more about our features like performance management system, visit our website! Explore the range of our offerings like the lms portal.

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