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Council of Architecture (CoA)

We all have different career aspirations that help us move forward in our professional life. One of the fields that have gained massive popularity in recent times is a career in architecture. An architect is responsible for designing the infrastructure. They build architectural marvels to support the growth and development of an economy. To overlook the work of architects and maintain the standards of education in architectural colleges, the need to establish a separate entity was felt. Therefore, the Council of Architecture (CoA) was established. Let us understand the idea behind setting up this institution and how it regulates architectural work.

The Council of Architecture (CoA) was established under the provisions of the Architects Act 1972 and came into existence on 1st September. This council regulates the education and practice of professional architects throughout India and maintains the register of architects. About 423 institutions provide architectural knowledge to students in India. The job of the CoA is to regulate the standard of education in these institutions. The council also checks the quality of education periodically by conducting inspections through the Committee of Experts.

How to Become an Architect?

Wondering how to become an architect in India? Because of the great career scope in architecture, this field of study has gained immense popularity. Get to know how to become an architect by referring to the guide mentioned below.

  • Opt for the Science stream after class 10th

Students willing to become an architect must select the right stream after completing class 10th education. They must choose the science stream to begin their career in architecture. Moreover, they must select mathematics as one of the major subjects. Mathematical knowledge comes in handy when planning the structure of a building. Similarly, drawing skills come in handy when making an architectural design on a piece of paper.

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in architecture

After completing school education, students willing to become qualified architects must complete a bachelor’s degree in architecture (BArch). A Bachelor of Architecture is a 5-year degree that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to become an architect. The program is regulated by CoA.

  • Apply for the architect position

After qualifying for the Architect Registration Examination, students can start working as professional architects. This exam gives students the license to practice architecture across the country. They can choose any private firm to start their career. Additionally, qualified architects can opt for private practice.

  • Hone the skill sets by attending training programs

Before getting the license from CoA, every architect has to undergo a fixed internship period. It helps potential architects get exposure to how things work in their industry and what skills they need to develop to thrive in their job.

  • Get registered as an architect

The final step involves getting registered as a professional architect. After registration, candidates acquire a license to start their practice as professionals in this field. To obtain the license, candidates must register themselves with the CoA with all the required documents.

  • Earn professional certification

By attaining professional certifications, candidates can expand their working horizons. Based on their certificates, they can get a chance to work for national and international construction companies.

  • Attain a master’s degree

Candidates willing to earn higher qualifications can go for a master’s degree in this field. They can gain expertise in their field of interest after completing this degree. Some of the specializations in this field are mentioned below.

  1. Installation art
  2. Urban design
  3. Interior architecture
  4. Landscape architecture
  5. Civil engineering
  6. Sustainable architecture
  7. Naval architecture

Skills Required to Become an Architect

Everyone wants to succeed in their chosen career, and having the skills mentioned below will help architects thrive in their career domain.

  • Designing skills

Creative and designing skills are prerequisites for becoming an architect. As an architect has to come up with unique construction designs, having strong creative and designing skills is needed. They can take inspiration from the work of others before coming up with an exceptional idea.

  • Communication skills

Communication skill is crucial to become an architect. As they have to speak to clients, lawyers, and other stakeholders, having strong communication skills becomes crucial.

  • Teamwork

Being a team player is necessary for candidates willing to become an architect. If anyone is uncomfortable being a team player, they might have a tough time establishing themselves as an architect.

  • Attention to detail

Developing infrastructural design takes time and effort. Moreover, it requires studying the industry trends and coming up with a unique design. Therefore, paying attention to detail is crucial to become a successful architect.

  • Visualizing skills

Having a strong memory and imagination power is vital when planning to become an architect. As architects have to design the layout based on clients' briefs, they should have the ability to visualize what their clients need the most.

Acquiring these skills requires practice and experience. However, these skills are crucial to become a successful architect. Once students have obtained the BArch degree and the skills mentioned above, they can apply for their registration at the CoA.

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