ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Simran Rastogi
    Simran Rastogi

What is ERP?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the talk of the town in 2021. From educational organizations to big multi-national companies, no one wants to lack behind. ERP is a software system that can prove to be one of the best investment decisions an organization could ever make. Enterprise Resource Planning can help any business in managing the entire functioning including finance management, staff management, etc. ERP helps in large-scale management or managing multiple verticles using the same tool or software. One can understand ERP as a tool that helps in optimizing the systems of different departments within an organization. Enterprise Resource Planning as its name suggests is a management system that helps in managing any organization, adding to its productivity and improving its overall experience.

Managing a school is not merely a laborious job but also a task of responsibility. Omission of the slightest information may result in a gazillion blunders. In order to keep an eye on everything and manage everything well, large educational institutes like schools should opt for management systems like ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning. From maintaining student-teacher attendance to checking lesson plans for each class, managing all these tasks single-handedly is not an easy job. Here is when ERP makes things easier for the management. A school ERP software helps manage the day-to-day activities, including administrative tasks, teacher attendance, curriculum management, student attendance, student information, fee record management, homework management, etc.

ERP not only gives an advancement to the managerial and administrative activities but also reduces the monotonous functioning of the school management. Looking at a bigger picture is only possible with a birds-eye view of the resources and data. It becomes convenient for the management to take decisions when the functioning of each layer is clear to them. Utilizing system software like Enterprise Resource Planning is the best way to keep an eye on everything without making it chaotic or difficult for others. ERP provides smooth and quick access to information in a click. For instance, if a school principal wishes to promote a mathematics teacher from class 7th to class 10th, they will have to follow a procedure. Finding a replacement, checking timetables of all the mathematics teachers in the school, figuring out available slots, etc. is a lengthy process. However, with the help of management systems like ERP, lengthy tasks like this can be streamlined. Here are some more reasons to choose ERP as a school management system-

  1. Generate Accurate Reports- ย Any educational institute having a large capacity of people has ample data to extract, maintain and utilize in the right direction. Although, managing data in such a huge quantity can be troublesome. ERP makes handling complex data and simplifying it for its optimum utilization easy. For instance, if a principal wants the exact number of students who attended school in the month of September they have two options. Either ask individual teachers to calculate attendance of all thirty days for each student then add it, etc. The other option is to use ERP and get the exact numbers in a click. This is how convenient Enterprise Resource System makes it, managing things without actually working hard.
  2. Smooth Functioning- From the admission process to declaring class wise results, the educational institutionโ€™s management takes care of everything single-handedly. ERP with its features like announcements, periodic insightful reports, and more, helps the admins and the management in taking everything forward smoothly.
  3. Go Paperless- Since management software like ERP works online and does not require a pen-paper setup for every little thing, it saves a lot of time and resources for school management. Unlike older times, the management need not hustle between paper files for minute pieces of information. Going paperless is not only good for the management but is also environment friendly.
  4. Keep Everyone Connected- By using management systems like ERP, it becomes very easy for the management to keep the teachers, students, and even parents connected. Features like student performance tracking help the parents keep a check on how their child is doing. School principals can also track the performance and contribution of the multiple teachers in a click with the use of a school management system.
  5. Quick Decision Making- Since ERP puts simplified and real-time numbers on the table, the management can take quick and effective decisions like making changes in lesson plans, making necessary announcements, sending reminders, etc. with such an efficient software system, any educational institute can reach greater heights.
    Since the world is moving digital and the entire educational system is transforming, itโ€™s time for the educational institutes to upgrade themselves with use of the excellent learning management systems or LMS.