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Expanding Reach with the Help of Teachmint

“When I started teaching online, I did not know much about its scope. However, my experience as an online teacher has been amazing, especially after I started teaching on Teachmint. I started teaching with a  few students, and today the total number of students enrolled in my online classroom at Teachmint is more than a hundred. I love the application and would love to continue teaching on Teachmint.”

This is the story of Sumit Kumar, a Civil Engineering teacher, who hails from West Bengal. While sharing his story, he recalls his childhood, the days when he saw his parents working extremely hard to provide for their needs. Watching his parents work so hard, he decided to help them in whatever way possible. He was always a bright student and considered education as his strength. Fortunately, he got a few nearby students to teach, he started giving home tuitions while completing his own studies. Teaching those students not only helped Sumit Sir financially, but also polished his knowledge. As a result of which he got admission to a renowned college in West Bengal. After graduation(B.Sc Computer Science) he also pursued a diploma in Civil Engineering. He also mentioned, that throughout his academic journey, he was an achiever. Civil Engineering has been his passion, therefore, he decided to become a Civil Engineering teacher and simplify the subjects for his students.

“I came across Teachmint at the right time, the time when there was a dire need of a good online teaching platform. When I started my online teaching journey, I tried using various platforms. However, none of them were satisfactory, they lacked something or the other. For me, my first priority has always been my student’s learning and progress and all I wanted was a good online teaching platform to ensure so. When I came across Teachmint, explored its features, and took my first demo class, I knew this was it. I immediately decided to continue teaching at Teachmint. It’s been more than 1 year that I am associated with Teachmint and the journey has been nothing short of amazing. I now teach more than a hundred students on Teachmint. Assigning them homework, taking online tests, collecting fees, etc. seems so effortless with an excellent application-like Teachmint. My students love the app too, they consider my classes as a space to learn, grow, and have fun. All thanks to Teachmint.”

We absolutely love the dedication Sumit Sir has towards his profession. It’s rare to find hardworking teachers like him these days who consider teaching as more than just a money-minting profession. The whole Teachmint family is glad to be a part of his inspiring journey. While we promise to help the teachers associated with Teachmint in the best way possible, we also ensure to keep growing each day. We wish Suman Sir all the best for his future. Thank you for choosing us Suman Sir.

Teachmint offers the most sophisticated integrated school platform for the 21st century, bringing together the most effective elements of teaching, learning, and management together under a single roof. To know more about our features like performance management system, visit our website! Explore the range of our offerings like the lms portal.

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