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Exploring New Ways of Teaching with Teachmint

Saad sir who hails from the beautiful town of Mau(Uttar Pradesh) is one the best teachers we have come across, not just because of the knowledge he holds but also for the emotional connection he has with his profession that extends well beyond the classroom. Saad sir's story is one that starts from zero to being a hero as an online educator, he is the perfect example for 'if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.
Saad sir's journey as an online educator began when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. The continuous questions from his students and his constant helplessness about getting started with their regular classes and education made him uncomfortable. He never imagined that Online Education or Online teaching could be a smooth-running system ever.

“Nobody ever imagined that online education, online coaching, online institute, online coaching, online classes, online school, etc could ever be a smoothly functioning system. I never thought that a school or class could be properly organized and conducted online.”

The pandemic and the lockdown brought everything to a halt and majorly affected the lives of millions of students out there. Saad sir refused to lose hope. He believed that there must be some solution to this problem. He didn't know much about the functionalities of online teaching and then coincidentally a message popped up on his screen that was a workshop on 'how to teach online.’ Saad sir has this good quality of giving a chance to opportunities and hence he decided to attend all those workshops and before he knew it, he started loving teaching online.
With full confidence, enthusiasm, and hope in his heart, Saad sir began teaching his students online. He worked really hard day and night to give the best to his students. Many hurdles came his way but he somehow managed to get over them. He used to make use of different platforms for sharing information and online teaching. But soon, this multitasking started causing him troubles since using multiple platforms was nothing more than a huge unwanted hustle.

Saad sir jotted down all the problems he was facing and started finding a solution to at least half of his problems. The issues like limited-time access to class links, the time limit on classes, no study material, attendance, tests suitability were not something that a teacher can ignore or compromise with.

Saad sir thought of giving Teachmint a chance and installed the app, and here is what he has to say about his experience with Teachmint-

"Teachmint is a blessing! It is a one-stop solution to all my online teaching requirements and is an application par excellence. I opened the app and I was shocked. I swear I was extremely shocked at how Teachmint knew each and every hurdle I was facing. Teachmint had the answer to all my questions, a solution for all my problems. Teachmint comes with an update frequently, the moment I feel the need for a new feature in the app, Teachmint comes up with it. Teachmint takes care of the smallest need that a teacher might have."

Saad sir's message to all the teachers!

Saad sir says that whenever a teacher steps ahead to explain a topic to their students, they should teach the topic in a way as if they are trying to understand the topic themselves for the first time, treat yourself as a student while explaining the topic.

Saad sir's favorite feature?

Saad sir expressed his love for Teachmint and said that he can not choose one particular feature and call it his favorite, as each feature of Teachmint is equally wonderful but the Live class feature has made his life so easy and tension free because it connects him with his students on a tap without any tension of sharing multiple links, etc. Now Saad sir takes national as well as international online classes on a tap and carefree.

Saad sir is a true inspiration and a live example of a 'never give up' attitude and we look forward to his great achievements with Teachmint.

Teachmint is the leading ed-infra provider helping educational institutions improve their efficiency. With our offerings like LMS, attendance management, fee management system, and more, institutes can boost their productivity multifold.

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