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Games for Teachers

Both online and offline classes can be drab at times. To maintain a mindful state while teaching, teachers must keep themselves alert. Also, they must engage the students and ensure that their minds don’t wander somewhere else. Teachers can think of a teacher's game to help students focus their energies and think positively. A simple quiz game surrounding a particular topic can encourage the students to research and study more.

For instance, while delivering a lecture on tectonic plates and their movements causing earthquakes, ask the students about the most significant earthquakes they have heard about. If they can come with some names, encourage them to find their exact dates and reason of occurrence. It will refresh their minds and generate curiosity that can motivate them to learn more about the topic. Various other reasons can establish the importance of games for teachers.

For example, teachers may find it hard to maintain the students' interest level. Similarly, some students might ignore a major part of the lecture due to a lack of interest in a particular topic. You can simply ask what you have just taught to bring their minds back on track. However, it might embarrass them or feel sad or demotivated. Instead, you can play puzzle and trivia games to keep them engaged in the class. The games for teachers will be more fun if the teachers also participate in them vigorously. Here are some games that can revamp the zeal of your students:

Imitation games

Imitation games encourage the students to boost their creative and imaginary skills. These games include acting out a word, movie name, or anything subject-specific without speaking and writing. The student who guesses the word correctly will get the opportunity to decide or act out another word. As a teacher, you can also participate in imitation games to create a warm environment in the classroom. The other imitation teachers' games like mimicking an actor, animal, or bird can also create a funny and engaging environment in your classroom.

Storytelling Games

Storytelling is a challenging thing, but when you associate it with a game, it can also become a fun activity. For instance, you can tell a random story and ask the students to draw the characters or plots as per their imagination. It will not only help them to utilize their imagination, but they might also come up with something unique and creative. For example, students might create a visual storybook by drawing the events of the story of a small diary.

Ice breaker Games

Ice breaker teachers' games can be required to break the monotony of regular lectures. It can also make the students aware of each other’s habits and skills.

For instance, you can simply ask the students to pass a book or ball and start counting from one to ten. The moment you reach 10, the ball passing must stop, and the student who has the ball must answer a question, recite a poem, or solve a maths riddle. Or else, ask the student about their habits, pets, and other things, which helps others know more about that particular. Therefore, if you are considering choosing games for teachers, don’t miss out on the ice breaker games.

Maths Games

Maths is perhaps the most feared subject for students of any class, generation, or age. However, you can reduce some of this fear or reservation as a teacher by introducing them to Maths teacher’s games. These games develop the mathematical skills of your students and help them resolve their doubts about different mathematical concepts.

For example, 101 and out is a fun game that students can play. You can simply divide the students into two or multiple groups and ask them to roll a dice. Whichever number appears on the face of the dice can either be multiplied by 10 or kept as it is. The team students will continue rolling the dice until they reach close to 101. However, the addition shouldn’t exceed 101. It is a perfect game for primary classes ranging from 1st to 6th.

Spelling review games

Games for teachers are always incomplete without the spelling review games. It is one of the most popular teacher’s games because you simply have to come up with difficult words to spell. Students who correctly spell these words can be rewarded with gifts or ice creams. Also, give spelling teaching books or DVDs to the students who fail miserably in this game.


Apart from the above-listed game categories, you can also think of your own teacher’s games. Or else, you can arrange an outdoor fun game that boosts their creative thinking, bonding, communication, etc. If you are concerned about their health, you can simply ask them to perfect different yoga postures and ask random students to perform them on a particular date like World Yoga Day.

Moreover, you can also ask them to perform different activities that encourage team bonding and open discussions. Debates, quizzes, and other games for teachers can be utilized to enhance students' knowledge. English and spelling games can strengthen their vocabulary and language-related skills. As a teacher, you must realize which teacher’s games are perfect according to the age group of the students. However, the participation of teachers is equally important to encourage student participation in these teacher’s games.

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