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Geofencing Attendance & How it is Beneficial for You

As an admin, you have to juggle multiple tasks to ensure your institute runs without any hiccups. Managing staff attendance is one of the crucial tasks where you cannot go wrong. Staff attendance records their presence, absence, sick leaves, etc which in turn is used to process their payroll. Moreover, it improves punctuality and reduces absenteeism.

You can use multiple methods to record the attendance of your staff members. Biometric attendance and RFID-enabled attendance system are some of the ways that ensure that your staff is clocking in and clocking out of the institute on time. One of the advanced ways of recording attendance is using the geofence system. It provides real-time tracking of staff attendance, giving you the authority to monitor their presence and absence and respond to any issue promptly.

Before understanding how geofencing work, let us know what is geofencing and how it is beneficial for you.

What is geofencing?

A geofence can be defined as a virtual perimeter for a geographical location, and when you apply this virtual perimeter around your institute’s location it is called geofencing. Using geofence, you can set a radius and when your staff is within the set perimeter, they can mark their attendance using the Teachmint app. It provides an additional layer of security by letting you know that your staff members are present at the designated location.

This explains what is geofencing and how easy it is for your staff to mark their attendance using this technology.

What is the purpose of geofencing?

Geofencing for schools offers an additional security layer and helps you keep track of your staff attendance. You can view the clock-in and clock-out times on your dashboard. Also, you are able to know if your staff is present within the geofence boundary.

Other advantages offered by school geofencing are:

No additional investment

When you use technologies like biometric authentication and RFID, you incur additional costs in purchasing new machines. However, when using school geofencing, you do not require any additional investment. You can also remove the dependency on vendors and eliminate maintenance charges.

Easily accessible

Your staff can mark their attendance without any hassle using their mobile devices. They can use the Teachmint app to mark themselves present. Moreover, they can scan the QR code to record their attendance. The QR code can be downloaded from the dashboard after you finish setting up the geofence.

Shift-wise attendance identification

You can create shifts–morning, day, and evening using Teachmint. You can add/remove staff from a particular shift and view their shift-wise attendance.

Elimination of proxy attendance by the staff

As school geofencing tracks the GPS location of the staff, it is impossible to mark proxy attendance. When your staff is inside the geofence perimeter, then they can mark their attendance. However, if they are outside the set radius, an attendance request will be sent to the admin. As an admin, you have the authority to approve/reject their request.

Easy attendance management and time-keeping

You can record shift timings, provide grace period, and allow grace frequency using Teachmint. Moreover, you can edit staff attendance using the customizable dashboard.

Geofencing for schools provides improved privacy and security of school data and helps in the identification of day-to-day staff movements. It has multiple practical applications and different types of geofencing help in implementing a geofencing system. The types of geofencing you should be using depend on what system will work the best for your institute.

How does geofencing work?

Geofencing attendance uses geofencing technology to track staff attendance based on their physical location. It requires GPS technology to know the exact location of the staff members. You can create a virtual boundary around your school and when your staff enters that area, they can mark their attendance using the system.

It explains how does geofencing work and provides an additional security layer to your institute by reducing proxy attendance.

How to set up geofencing?

If you are using the geofencing system for the first time, you must be wondering how to set up geofencing and what devices will you need to set up this system.

Setting up geofence is easy on Teachmint. You can use your laptop/desktop to set up geofence attendance. The dashboard is easily customizable and you can check the attendance status, set the geofence radius & clock-in and clock-out timings, allow grace period & frequency, and override the attendance for payroll generation. Moreover, the geofence attendance is integrated with leave management which makes payroll generation easier.

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