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Government Teacher Vacancy – A Guide

Most young people aspire to be teachers. It is a reputable as well as a responsible position. If you are enthusiastic about refining our next generation, the government sector offers a tremendous chance. In February 2022, the government declared roughly 19000+ teaching and non-teaching openings, whereas 65000+ vacancies were released in January 2022. Currently, there are about 59000 openings in various government organizations.

India continues to see different kinds of teachers - with varying professional qualifications, experience, and skills - teaching different age groups of students and playing a quintessential role in their lives.

The Need for Teachers

If the level of education determines the progress any nation and its citizens are expected to make, then teachers are the most important factor behind such progress. Currently, there is a considerable requirement for experienced and qualified teachers, more so for schools either run by the government or aided in some form (financially or by providing staff and management) by the government. As a result, there are plenty of government teacher vacancies throughout India and government jobs available for teachers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way schools operate, and yet, there remains a dearth of capable teachers to impart education effectively and engagingly to young minds. This is particularly true for government schools, some of which are located in remote areas and meant primarily for rural students. A pertinent example, in this case, is the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas.

Government Teacher Vacancies

Even as recently as April 2022, there were close to 60,000 government teacher vacancies posted all over India. These include government teacher job openings at all levels – senior grade 2, master cadre, headmaster, etc.

If you are looking for a government job as a school teacher, you need to be a graduate at a minimum. As part of further eligibility for government teacher vacancy, a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree or a diploma in education is also necessary. Postgraduates in various streams are the preferred lot. They are relatively more in demand for the education line, particularly when their education is supplemented by B.Ed or a diploma in education or teaching. Postgraduates are usually offered higher teaching jobs in government schools, with better pay and perks.

Hierarchy in the Government Teaching Job

There are different stages or levels of hierarchy/superiority at which individuals can work as teachers in government-run schools. A PRT is a primary teacher who teaches at the level of pre-primary and lower primary classes like 1 and 2. A TGT (trainee graduate teacher) teaches the upper primary classes like 5 and 6.

Then you have the PGT (postgraduate teacher) who teaches explicitly senior secondary grade students as the most senior teacher; the PRT is the junior-most. So, grades of pay and responsibilities are higher for the PGT than for the PRT teachers.

Examinations to Qualify for Government Teaching Job

There are certain predeterminants needed to qualify for a government teaching job:

  • If an individual wish to apply for a government teacher vacancy or a government job, they must sit for and pass some particular tests that are conducted by respective government authorities that govern the particular educational institutions. For example, the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya is run by the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti.
  • This Samiti will conduct some written tests and an interview which the candidate seeking a government teaching job must clear to become a government school teacher.
  • The written exam will test the candidate on their level of knowledge in their respective field of specialization or graduation (as the case may be) and other relevant topics like General Knowledge and Current Affairs.
  • Likewise, the personal interview will test the candidate’s ability to express themselves, communication skills, personality traits, etc.

In short, the suitability of a particular candidate for the government teaching job is thoroughly checked and verified by the concerned authorities.

As of today, even a PRT can expect an annual remuneration of around 2.5 lakhs. For the senior-level teachers (PGTs), this number increases by 75% to 80%. Some government schools, like the JNVs for rural areas, also offer accommodation and mess facilities to their teachers. Overall, once you make the grade, a government teacher’s job is prestigious and comfortable in terms of financial compensation and benefits.

Staying Informed

So, how do candidates look for or get informed about the various government teacher vacancies? There are government-maintained official websites (like the Navodaya.gov.in, Sainik School, or Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan) that regularly advertise and update vacancies for the post of government teachers. Other channels and newspapers, like the Jagran Josh, and Employment News, advise the general public about government jobs in the teaching sector. The rest of the procedure for government teacher vacancy, for actually applying to and successfully becoming a government school teacher, is explained in detail on these websites and the above-mentioned private channels.

Teachmint is an online platform for teachers to expand their student base and live their dream of touching and improving more and more young lives. We aspire to digitise the Indian classroom and reach as many students and youngsters as possible.


Currently, there is a moderately large number of vacancies for government teaching jobs and government teachers. With the right qualifications, skills, and experience, an individual can make a successful career as a government teacher that includes a good salary, great perquisites like accommodation and free (or subsidized) food, the ability to travel across India and lastly, great government job satisfaction. As a government school teacher, you are also expected to attend various seminars and refresher courses that further enrich your government job profile and resume.

Teachmint offers the best-in-class education ERP solutions to educational institutes. Do check it out to provide a hassle-free experience to your stakeholders and increase your student enrolment percentage. With our advanced learning management system, you can improve the teaching-learning experience.

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