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Govt Exams for Teachers

Teaching is a well-respected job across the globe. Owing to job security and job satisfaction, a lot of people opt to become teachers. There are countless reasons to choose teaching as a profession. Schools, colleges and other educational institutions want to ensure that they acquire qualified teachers so that the teaching-learning process is effective and efficient. In order to make sure that the teachers are eligible, various exams are conducted across the country. There are a couple of govt exams for teachers that have been put in place to examine the quality of the teachers. We will be talking about the major govt exams for teachers and the teaching exams that are conducted across India to analyze the eligibility of teachers.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the top govt exams for teachers.

Govt Exams for Teachers

As mentioned, these teaching exams have been put in place to ensure that the teachers have ample enough knowledge to handle students and the classroom. The major teaching exams are:


This is the most important exam for teachers and for people who want to be lecturers in colleges and universities. National Eligibility Test is conducted by the NTA, National Testing Agency. This entrance exam for teachers is conducted twice a year. It decides the qualification for the post of an assistant professor as well as for the Junior Research Fellowship grant in Indian colleges and Universities. The UGC NET exam date has been announced. It is scheduled to be conducted from 2nd to 17th May. We have discussed in detail about UGC NET eligibility criteria and a few tips and tricks that you can use to pass this teacher exam. Read it here.


A lot of people think that CSIR NET and UGC NET are the same. However, these teacher exams are different. UGC NET is conducted for a total of 81 subjects whereas CSIR NET is conducted for five subjects in particular. Namely, Chemical Sciences, Life sciences, Mathematical Science, Physical Sciences, and Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean & Planetary Sciences. The purpose of both exams is similar, to shortlist candidates for lectureship or JRF. It is just the subjects that differ.


Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) is a national-level examination. It is conducted by (CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education). It is conducted twice every year. The examination determines the eligibility of candidates for appointment as teachers in Classes 1-8. There are two papers and the candidates should attempt the papers based on which grade they want to teach.


State Eligibility Test as the name suggests is conducted in every state. It is an entrance examination and is conducted to select eligible people from the long list of aspiring candidates for the post of Higher Secondary School Teachers and Vocational Teachers. This teacher exam consists of two papers and while paper 1 is common for all, the paper is subject-oriented. The minimum percentage is decided by the conducting body and the concerned state government is the deciding authority for these govt exams.

While these are the major teacher exams or govt exams that decide teacher eligibility, there are other minor exams as well that act as eligibility criteria to teach in universities and schools. In addition to passing the exams, it is important to know how to attend the interviews in order to be selected for the position of assistant professor or teacher.

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In the given scenario, it is important for teachers to stay updated and informed. The education landscape is changing rapidly. Online teaching has become the new norm. Hope you found this blog on teacher exams helpful. We will be back with yet another informative blog. Stay tuned.

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