Helping Students Succeed With Teachmint

Helping Students Succeed With Teachmint

  • Ayushi Singh
    Ayushi Singh
โ€œEducation is the movement from darkness to lightโ€-Allan Bloom.

Education can transform lives. It removes darkness from the lives of students and enriches their consciousness. With the help of the right learning tool, anyone can succeed. However, the path to success can be managed more efficiently under the guidance of an experienced teacher. If students get the support of the right teacher, success is inevitable. Today we bring you the story of one such teacher, Sumit Das, who is helping his students achieve success. Continue reading to know more about his inspirational journey as a teacher.

Sumit Das is a private educator who provides engineering classes to students. He offers his lectures through his institute, Civil Classes, situated in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal. He helps students in their preparation for different engineering entrance exams. Also, he guides the students studying in different engineering colleges.

Talking about his journey as a teacher, Sumit Sir says, โ€˜I started teaching my fellows during the second year in college. I enjoyed the process of teaching. Also, my friends were able to understand the concepts better after attending my classes. This helped me enhance my skills as a teacher. Slowly, I gained more interest in teaching, and it became my passion. After completing my graduation, I decided to stick to the education field. My friends also encouraged me to follow my passion, and after all these years, I guess I have made the right choice.โ€™

When asked about his motivation to become a teacher, Sumit Sir says that he wanted to make education affordable for everyone. He recalls, โ€˜When I was a student, I could not attend tuition classes because many of those classes were expensive. So when I decided to open my institute, I knew I had to make education affordable for everyone. Thatโ€™s why I try to keep my service fees low so more students can approach me to get quality education.โ€™

When asked about Teachmint and how he discovered the platform, Sumit Sir says, โ€˜I was looking for a platform that is free and easy to use. While searching for such platforms on the Play Store, I learned about Teachmint. I explored its features and decided to try it. I was satisfied with its interactive interface and asked my students to enroll themselves on Teachmint.โ€™

โ€œTeachmint is easy to use and takes care of the needs of my students. They can practice for different exams with the question bank feature. Moreover, I can also design question papers with the help of 20L+ questions. In addition, the live class recording and test features are cherries on the top.โ€

Sumit Sir has a special message for his students that says they should pay equal attention to hard work and smart work. With a combination of both, students can achieve success.

Sumit Sir recommends Teachmint to other teachers. Moreover, he also adds that he is grateful to the Teachmint family for their contribution to the education sector. We are happy to be associated with Sumit Sir and teachers of his kind. We wish him all the best and hope to continue learning from him.