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How Can Teachers Help Students in Note Making


Note making is a process that every student ought to master. It helps them to broaden their understanding of different topics. In order to make the notes perfectly, students would have to attentively listen to the classroom lectures. Before starting the note making process, students would have to take notes while listening to the lectures and elaborate on the points to start the process. Even though it is not an easy task, it helps them understand the lessons in a better way and maximize their concentration levels. Teachers can intervene in the students’ note making process to make it perfect and effective. You can help your students in a number of ways in this process. This article would guide you to adopt the right strategies to help the students. Before that, let us learn what note making is.

What is Note Making?

If you are wondering what is note making, we are here to help. Note making is the systematic recording of key points of a concept/subject. For doing the process of note making, students can make use of different resources and can collect the points relevant to the topic. Since students put effort into creating a note, it will be a more personalized one. Therefore, students will have to thoroughly understand the concepts to create a perfect one.

Difference between Note Making and Note Taking

Note taking is a process that happens along with classroom lectures. While listening to the lectures of teachers, students will note down the important points that are being discussed in the classroom. Students use short pointers to jot down the key points and hence, lecture notes will be comparatively short. While engaging in note taking, students will go through 5 steps including record, reduce, recite, reflect and review. Students will have to be attentive in the classroom to take down notes while listening to the lectures.

Unlike note taking, note making is an elaborate process. It involves some background study and research for initiating the note making process. Students can make use of the lecture notes while participating in the process of note making. They can use these notes for revision and get a detailed understanding of the topics they are dealing with later in the journey.

How Teachers Can Help Students?

More and More Data

As teachers, you can provide students with data required to make improve the process of note making. You can help them with resources that are relevant to their topic of focus. When students have access to multiple resources, they will be able to comprehend topics in a detailed manner. Moreover, it can aid in developing an interest in that topics and may inspire them to indulge in their own research.

Guide Your Students

You can guide your students to create detailed notes. They might require guidance in the note making format and to be on the right track, they might also need note taking examples. You can share with them the note making format and note making examples to throw light on the whole process of making one. In this way, they will be able to master the skill and this skill would come in handy throughout their academic journey.

Introduce the Best Strategies

There are a variety of strategies that can be used for making notes. These strategies would systematize the whole process for the students. You can familiarize students with these strategies and help them choose what best fits them. When they are aware of the methodologies, they will be able to implement the best ones.

Assist Students in Note Taking

While taking lectures, you can write down the main points on the blackboard for the students, This way, they would not miss out on any important information that you discuss in the classroom. This would help them to elaborate on the points on their own after the classes.


Note making is an important part of the learning process. It helps students to organize their studies in an effective way. As teachers, you can provide them with the note making format and note making examples to come up with a perfect style for themselves. These notes can come in handy during the time of exams. They can revisit these notes to revise different concepts or topics and to perform well in exams.

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