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How can Teachers Help with Personality Development?

Education is not only about learning history and geography lessons in classrooms. It is much more than that. Mahatma Gandhi said that education is drawing out the best in a man’s body, mind, and spirit; therefore, education develops a student's social, mental, physical, and psychological skills.

Most of the personality development for the youth begins in their schools. Nevertheless, it is impossible to provide students with extra classes that solely focus on personality development skill-building. It is rather indirect. Students who spend a large part of their days at school learn personality traits from what they see and do. At a young age, they tend to get influenced by their teachers.

Consequently, it is indispensable for teachers and professors to behave and act to facilitate personality development among students. We have mentioned some personality development tips that can help teachers with efficacious personality development among their children at school.

1. Follow a Balanced Curriculum

A balanced curriculum focuses on both the cognitive and physical development of a student. It should not only target grasping brain-challenging history and mathematics lessons in class but also aid in the personality development of students. The curriculum must also include extracurricular activities that can help students develop their personality skills and learning indirectly.
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2. Be Disciplined and Teach Discipline

As mentioned earlier, students are substantially impacted by how teachers behave on the school premises. It is a tender age wherein they adopt their habits and behaviors. Consequently, it becomes crucial to exhibit the right behaviour in front of your students. Be disciplined and come to school on time so that your students learn the indispensability of discipline in their lives. If a teacher is lethargic in the morning and is never punctual to the classes, they are directly or indirectly transmitting their values to the students. Try setting some fundamental principles for personality development like discipline, punctuality, politeness, honesty, etc., in your class that should not be violated.

3. Punishments Might Be Good

It is crucial to help children differentiate between the good and the bad personality traits to make them understand the importance of personality development. Children tend to make numerous mistakes but helping them understand their faults is crucial. Punish them when they are developing a bad habit but be respectful and loving towards them. Punishments do not mean to be harassing or abusive toward children. The sole aim should be to help them find their mistakes. Be loving and try understanding their actions and thought processes.

4. Challenge Your Students

Education is more than just learning the lessons mentioned in the syllabus. Help your students learn beyond that. Challenge them to participate in projects like the cleanliness drive of the city that are outside their curriculum but ensure them positive personality development skills.  When students become a part of social activities, they understand the importance of being unified and helping others. You can help them realise the tasks to let them know that generosity is beyond age, and everyone should practice it. Furthermore, you can organise small group discussions wherein students can come forward with their opinions about helping society in different ways.

5. Help Them Pick Appropriate Role Models

Role models play a pivotal role in the lives of children. Children want to adopt those habits and behave similarly to whatever their role models do. As a result, it is essential to help adolescents choose the right role models for themselves to get inspired from. Another personality development tip apart from the ones mentioned above is to help your students pick righteous role models. You can teach them about figures from history, literature, arts, and science that could be their favourite characters to learn from. Expound to them the reasons that make them worthy and principled role models. You must not try to force their habits on your students. Rather, provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the characters and their traits to help them make an informed choice.

6. Respect All

Offering respect to others is one of the most crucial personality development skills. Respect has a higher value than money for most people. There are different types of students in a classroom from diverse backgrounds. As a tutor, you must respect them equally without differentiating among them to make your students learn the importance of treating all humans equally regardless of their gender, race, caste, creed, etc. If children learn to respect their fellow students, there will be much fewer cases of bullying in schools. As teachers, when you treat your students equally with dignity, children learn to respect their companions in class/school.

7. Be Empathetic

People have forgotten the significance of empathising and sympathising with others in a rapidly racing world. They hardly have the time to help others, so there is a constant surge in mental illnesses among people. If we all help each other and practise a little more humanity, maybe we can create a better and more loving world to inhabit. In the growing years of a student’s life, it is important to help them comprehend the significance of empathy in our surroundings. By helping your students and being caring towards them, you will give your students an impression of practising empathy in their lives. Listen to your students when they approach you to discuss a problem. Do not be annoyed with their constant questioning. Remember that they are only humans, and you are drastically impacting their personality development with just an answer or a reaction.

Personality development is a process, and it cannot happen over time. You must not forget that you are in the teaching profession to make a difference in the lives of your students. As a result, it is primordial to incorporate the personality mentioned above development tips throughout your teaching career to ensure that your students grasp the best personality traits from you.  

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