How can Transport Management System Help Schools?

How can Transport Management System Help Schools

  • Arya Vishwaroop
    Arya Vishwaroop


Students spend most of their waking hours in schools; hence, schools are obliged to ensure the safety and security of the students. Their safety is of utmost importance to the schools and their parents. It is crucial to monitor every move of the students to ensure their safety in addition to providing them with a high-quality education. Every school should have a transport management system (TMS) because of this. Tracking the information regarding students' back-and-forth transit to school helps schools keep pupils safe. In this article, you will learn about the importance of transport management system and how transport management system helps schools.

Features of Transport Management System

The foundation of a reliable school transportation service is a transport management system. It assists in managing various workers and vehicles as well as the routes that the students will travel. Let us examine some of the advantages that schools can receive from using a transportation management system for their school bus services.

Can Add Pick-Up Points

You have the provision to add pick-up points in the transport management system. It enables schools to have proper data regarding where the students are travelling from. In this way, you will be able to keep track of your fleet and all its details. When you are aware of these details, it will ensure the safety of your students.

Teachmint’s transport management system can aid you in managing the information regarding your students’ pick-up and drop-off points. It enables you to have an eye on your students throughout their journey and can make sure that they are safe.

Manage Vehicle Details

The transport management system assists you in efficiently managing vehicle details. Also, transport management system aids you in managing multiple vehicles at the same time. In other words, one of the main benefits of a transport management system is that it can be used to manage multiple vehicles, drivers and services. This means that you can easily allocate routes to drivers and manage the process efficiently.

Since schools have easy access to all these details, they can resolve any kind of problems that may arise and can take immediate action to make sure everything is perfect for the students. In this way, transport management system are of great help to you.

Streamlines the Process

A transport management system will save time and money by eliminating unnecessary movements between locations. Admins can easily access all the data with regard to the transportation of students. It becomes easier for you to know the details of students and staff who are using the transportation facilities and about the staff who are in charge of each vehicle and so on. Teachmint’s transport management system is the best option if you want to streamline the whole process involved in the transportation of your students.

Payment Management

With the assistance of Teachmint’s integrated school platform, you can facilitate the process of fee collection and management. This helps you automate the process and eliminate the scope for any errors.

With the help of a fee management system, it would be easier for you to collect the fee from the students. In addition to that, you can easily customize the fee if required. Moreover, it also sends notifications to the students’ parents to remind them about the fee of their children. You will be able to see the total amount of money received from parents and students. You will also have easy access to your records.

Helps Plan out Routes with Waypoint Tracking

The transport management system of Teachmint makes it easier for you to draw the routes based on the waypoints. In this way, you can easily allocate different routes and vehicles for the students. It reduces a lot of manual work and makes it flawless.

As you make use transport management system, you will able to save your money and minimize the unnecessary usage of resources. As mentioned before, since the whole system will be automated, there is no scope for errors. It elevates the efficiency of the system and ensures the safety of students while commuting to and from your school. You can track transportation functions so that you know if things are running smoothly. If something goes wrong, you will know right away.

Benefits of Transport Management System for Schools

  • To ensure the safety of students in and around the school.
  • To make sure that there are no errors in the transportation management process.
  • Transport management system is essential to minimize the cost that goes into data management of students’ commutation details.
  • To facilitate the process of accessing the details with regard to the staff who are in charge of the transportation of students.
  • To channel the transportation system in school and to avoid the unnecessary utilization of resources.
  • A transport management system are essential to keep track of the student’s travel details.


Transport management is a very important aspect of managing schools. With the help of a transport management system, you can streamline the processes that are a part of the transportation system in schools. You can make use of the system to ensure the safety of students. It also aids in enhancing the functioning of the operations involved in the transportation aspects of the students. In this way, you are there in every step of your student until they reach back home safely. Hence, transport management is imperative and has to be adopted to make sure that the school works properly.