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Importance of Communication Between Schools & Parents

Good communication is vital in every field. A big part of the success of your educational institution is how effectively you can communicate with all stakeholders. Be it communication with teachers or parents, you must express your goals clearly. Quick and transparent communication plays a pivotal role in establishing a school as a reputable brand. To bring all stakeholders together and share messages instantly, you can use communication software.

Today, many schools are still dependent on traditional methods of sending information to parents, teachers, and students. We can see staff putting on notices on the notice boards from where students get the required information. Moreover, teachers communicate with parents using calls or other traditional means. Sometimes, the parent teacher communication remains limited to the parent-teacher meeting.

As a school admin, you can bring more transparency to your school by choosing the instant message software. Before knowing more about the benefits of using communication software to strengthen parent teacher communication, let us understand the importance of communication between schools and parents.

Importance of Communication Between School and Parents

Ensuring better communication among all stakeholders is vital for the smooth functioning and success of educational institutions. Moreover, effective communication with parents helps them understand how their child is performing in the classroom, which in turn leads to better growth and development of the child.

The benefits of effective communication between school & parents are mentioned below.

Better student development

When teachers and parents are aligned, they can focus on the overall development of students. Moreover, it also motivates students to remain more invested in their classroom goals and perform better in all activities. When students have set clear expectations for themselves, they can score better marks, feel more confident, and excel in their academic performance.

Easier problem-solving

With effective teacher and parent communication, you can help in improving the academic achievement of students. At times, it has been noticed that ineffective communication from the side of students has led to poor academic performance. It can happen due to multiple reasons. For example, students may feel hesitant in asking questions if they do not have a strong relationship with their teachers. Such scenarios can be avoided by improving the communication between school & parents and setting clear expectations for students.

Better coordination

If your teachers, students, and their parents are on the same page, it improves coordination. Parents and teachers can collaborate to provide a conducive environment for the proper growth and development of students.

Social development

Communication is an essential social skill that students learn from their surroundings. They observe their peers, parents, and other social connections to learn the art of self-expression. Parent teacher communication can help students develop their social skills and interact freely with their classmates to form better relationships.

Transparent communication between school and parents can show multiple positive changes in students. It can improve their academic performance, help in their social development, and assist them in setting realistic goals.

How Can Teachmint Improve Parent Communication?

Teachmint can improve the relationship between school and parents with its communication module and parent portal. With the help of announcements, polls, and surveys, teachers can connect with parents to help in the academic and social development of students. The benefits offered by the communication software are:

Improves efficiency

You can send specific messages to specific individuals using the messages software. With Teachmint, you can also view who has read your messages. It gives you insight into the effectiveness of the message and if the specific information is communicated.

Eliminates misinformation

As you can share real-time information, it reduces the chances of miscommunication and misinformation. Moreover, it makes everyone aligned and ensures nothing remains a miss.

Better decision-making

When you are running an institute, you need to make multiple decisions to ensure that the organization operates smoothly. With accurate and on-time information, you can make better decisions.

Better management

The ease of sharing information is crucial when making decisions. With Teachmint, you can easily share information with your teachers, parents, and students. As all stakeholders remain connected, the school management process becomes hassle-free.  

The instant message software enables transparency in teacher and parent communication which in turn, reduces the risk of misinformation and improves collaboration among school authorities and parents. Moreover, it enhances parental involvement and helps you get constructive feedback on student development and different school practices. Teachmint is an ed-infra solution provider that helps educational institutions improve their efficiency through its solutions like advanced LMS, attendance management system, fee management system, performance management, parent portal, and more!

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