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Importance of Student Attendance Management System

What is the ideal scenario you can expect at the beginning of every class? Typically, you may see teachers taking attendance before starting their lecture. Such activities take time and reduce teachers’ productivity. As a result, schools all around the world are paying attention to the attendance management system.

Attendance management systems track attendance and help teachers keep an eye on punctuality. Moreover, schools can also prevent dropouts using this management system. Teachers and school principals can understand the average percentage of students attending school each day in a year. If they see a drop, they can formulate policies to encourage students to attend classes and complete their education.

When recording attendance manually, teachers may face various issues. The common problems faced by them include:

  1. The repetitive task before the start of each lecture

2. Increased use of papers to maintain attendance records

3. Reduced classroom teaching time and hampered productivity

4. Possibility of errors when recording attendance

5. Possibility of manipulation by students

Attendance management systems can reduce errors and provide real-time attendance tracking systems to teachers and school principals.

What is meant by the Student Attendance Management System?

The attendance management system eliminates the need for manual attendance recording. It enables teachers to record attendance in a few clicks. Moreover, teachers can also document their attendance through this system. As a result, school admins get accurate information on teacher-student attendance. Moreover, digital attendance is easy to record and removes repetitive work from the school system.

Advantages of Attendance Management System

The attendance management system offers various advantages to teachers and students. Now teachers do not have to worry about recording manual attendance before every class. Other prominent uses of this system are:

  1. Real-time attendance tracking system

Gone are the days when teachers used to call out the name of individual students to record attendance. Now, the attendance management system takes care of such activities. As a result, teachers can save a lot of time and invest that time in enhancing classroom productivity. Besides recording student and teacher attendance, this system can be used to take care of the overall administrative process. School admins can use the attendance management system to maintain and track leave applications and arrival and departure times.

2. Absence of proxy attendance

Proxy attendance is a great way to manipulate the attendance system. Higher grade students can easily trick their teachers and provide false information on attendance. Fortunately, attendance management systems can eliminate proxies, buddy punching, or tampering records. Moreover, such systems compel students to remain punctual.

3. Notification to parents about their child’s attendance

The student attendance management system tracks absenteeism and punctuality. The system uses biometric data to capture attendance in real-time. If a student cannot attend the class, the system sends an instant notification to parents. Parents can access the notification through the school management app or their email id.

4. Improved school security

Attendance management system improves security on the school campus. Only teachers and students with authorized access can enter the school premises. This system provides peace of mind to parents as they don’t need to worry about their child’s security.

5. Cost reduction

The attendance management system records the time of logging into the classroom. Moreover, it also records the attendance of teachers conducting lectures. As the attendance recording becomes automated, it controls the costs incurred on unnecessary items. For example, schools do not need to buy registers and other stationery items for recording manual attendance.

6. Easy reporting

School admins can download attendance reports to make better decisions. For example, they can view the statistics to understand the dropout rate in the institution.

7. Leave management

School admins can manage the leaves taken by teachers. They can track, manage, grant, or reject leaves through the attendance management system.

8. Visibility

School admins can use analytics to know teachers' and students' details like the number of sessions attended, absence details, and overtime. Moreover, the graphical representation of captured data helps in decision-making.

9. Reduced administrative load

The attendance management system eliminates the need to track attendance manually. As a result, the workload of administrators gets reduced.

These are some advantages of using an attendance management system. This system is valuable for every stakeholder in the educational organization. The attendance management system gives equal benefits to teachers, students, parents, and school administrators.

What is the Purpose of the Attendance Management System?

The attendance management system has become an integral part of every educational institution. Moreover, the increased demand for online education has also shifted schools’ attention towards this management system.

Here are a few tasks that the attendance management system can perform easily.

  1. Keep a track of students’ and teachers’ attendance
  2. Marks presence and absence
  3. Mark the time of starting and stopping work
  4. Report generation
  5. Checking the attendance status from various devices, including mobile phones

Attendance management has been an important part of ERP software. Schools must try this system to know its importance and how it can reduce their workload.

To learn more about Attendance Management System.

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