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Importance of Sustainable Development in Education


Sustainable development is one of the most popular buzzwords of the 21st century. It is something that has become a staple in everyday life and is used in all contexts, from agriculture to space technology. Therefore, the importance of sustainable development in education is something that cannot be looked over because it is not only relevant for the present generation but also for generations to come. This blog will deal with what is meant by sustainable development, the importance of sustainable development, the role of education in sustainable development, and what the modern concept of sustainable development focuses more on.

What do you mean by Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development can be defined as an organizational approach toward meeting the developmental goals of society while also making sure that it does not affect the future generation’s standard of living. There are several definitions of sustainable development, but the most quoted one is the one that was made in the Brundtland Report, which goes as follows:

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

This definition is perfect because it clearly outlines, in simple terms, the gravity of the situation that is being addressed here. There is an immediate need for reform within every industry, both production-based and service-based, and this definition highlights that need for reform in the most sensible and practical way possible.

Importance of Sustainable Development

The main idea behind having sustainable development in any respect is to make sure that there is enough for all - in both the present and the future. Therefore, it is imperative that we understand the importance of sustainable development - more specifically, its relevance today.

There is an enormous amount of scientific consensus on the fact that there needs to be a leash put on the uncontrolled chain reaction of climate change that is going on currently. There needs to be a drastic change in all walks of life so that there is a permanent working solution to this problem that is both effective as well as economically viable. This importance of sustainable development is undisputedly accepted when you bring up the fact that there is an entire generation of people who are not only practically concerned when looking at their own future but also deeply conflicted about the prospective sudden halt in technological innovations that would result from such an issue. Therefore, educating people on sustainable development and its practical applications in real life is the need of the hour and needs our attention right now more than ever.

Role of Sustainable Development in Education

Today is always better than tomorrow when it comes to protecting the environment and taking active steps toward the same. Outside of the nature aspect of it, sustainable development has serious trickle-down effects in education that simply cannot be overlooked. Here are some of the reasons the importance of sustainable development in education has skyrocketed in recent years:

Breeds Better Talent

As mentioned above, the planet needs as much help as it needs to get back to pre-Industrial Revolution conditions, something that will take immense intellectual fervor and a new type of talent. Sustainable development goals focus on using available resources in the most efficient way possible so that the overall future of humanity is not affected adversely. This gives way to spaces within which innovative ideas that tackle specific problems can be discussed in detail, and it can give students the opportunity to expand on their ideas in such a way that it enables better talent development among students.

Develops Critical Thinking Skills in Students

Looking for practical long-term solutions for a contentious issue like climate change is like looking for a golden needle in a haystack - the value is palpable, but the amount of effort that needs to be put in to achieve it is also equally relevant. Time is of the essence, so it is safe to say that the faster a consensus is reached on the issue, the better. This is where the critical thinking skills of the students come into play. How much time do you need to come up with a solution to a problem that you have to solve with a limited amount of resources - this seems to be the question that seems to plague the minds of scientists so far, and with students who have critical thinking skills can hopefully come up with those solutions in time.

Drives Innovation

The drive to innovate originates out of necessity, or in other words, necessity is the mother of invention. This need is pronounced now more than ever, and it is this constant need that fuels innovation. With sights set on revolutionizing every aspect of present-day technology towards sustainable development, it would be infinitely ridiculous and intellectually dishonest of us to leave out the education aspect of this entire conundrum. Educating people on the importance of sustainable development will invariably instill in the students a lasting impact which will in turn give them a sense of responsibility around the same.

Gives Incentives to Better Oneself

Understanding one’s surroundings and the importance of protecting it gives students an overarching insight into themselves and their thought processes and makes it clear to them that they are not alone on this planet. It gives them a philosophical perspective of what the bigger picture is and more importantly, what it ought to be. By working towards sustainable development, the student is essentially working towards the betterment of humankind as a whole, which gives them a wider perspective as to who they are and their relationship with each other and the people and animals they have around them.

What the Modern Concept of Sustainable Development Focuses More On

Just like anything else, the concept of sustainable development and sustainability has also been evolving to suit the needs and aspirations of the times. The modern concept of sustainable development focuses more on marrying the idea with relevant aspects such as social development, tackling political aspects of the issue, and economic crises that can arise from trying to tackle the issue of climate change. While archaic concepts of sustainability focused solely on the environmental aspect of it, the modern concept of sustainable development focuses more on a holistic approach to confronting the issue, covering multiple aspects of it together in one go.


The importance of sustainable development has never been more evident than now, and its profundity is accentuated manifold with each passing year. Hopefully, through scientific endeavors targeted at understanding the issue, we will be able to find solutions to the problems that we face today which will not only be long-lasting in terms of sustenance but also cost-effective. Sustainable development is a subject that is taught in schools to some degree even today, but the content associated with it is usually only minimally informative or even if it is so, only highlights the negative aspects of what we are doing rather than what we can do as the human race. We are capable of so much as a collective species, and it is time to have a united global consensus on the issue of sustainable development which is very much the need of the hour.

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