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Importance of Video Chat Apps

Video chat can be defined as the mode of communicating visually with another person via computer or mobile phone. It may also be referred to as video calling or video messaging. Video conferencing technology has been able to connect learners and educators from all across the world. It has not only transformed the way we communicate with each other but also reshaped the education system. The collaboration system for education has gone from local to global. It has actually become easier to retain information and learn at a higher level with tools such as live streaming, screen sharing, and so on. Distance learning has become empowered, and the curriculum has strengthened with the help of video conferencing tools. Self-paced learning has become rampant, and administration is more streamlined.

Advantages of video conferencing in education

As we all know, a large number of institutions such as schools, colleges, and the like shifted towards the online mode of education during the pandemic. Teachers who were previously familiar with teaching in-person in the classroom slowly began adapting new technology to teach lectures and lessons to students and hold their attention.

There are a plethora of technologies available for teachers and instructors these days- from simply pre-recording or live streaming their lessons to interactive video conferencing software.

There are several potential advantages of video conferencing in education, as discussed in more detail below.

Benefits of video conferencing in education

In addition to the convenience online mode of learning offers, teachers and students alike can benefit in multiple ways from classroom video conferencing:

  • Content sharing: Rather than just emailing files or content to students or posting them on a classroom portal online, video conferencing provides teachers and students with the ability to share documents and files in real-time. This fosters engagement and smooth learning.
  • Connecting participants: Social distancing and distance learning have often led to feelings of isolation. Many video conferencing applications facilitate smooth interaction by bringing people together. This tool can also very well connect participants from all over the world, making it possible to engage local students as well as international students.
  • Convenient parent-teacher meeting scheduling: As we all know video conferencing eliminates time barriers and so it is possible to hold meetings anywhere at any time of the day. Schools can always use video conferencing tools to organize parent-teacher meetings.
  • Recording functionality: Another benefit of video conferencing is that it allows participants and instructors to record the lecture or lesson for future reference. While this feature isn’t used much when video conferencing is used in primary grades instruction, it can be quite beneficial for high school and college students who are using multiple online learning tools. This gives students another means to help with studying and exam preparation. They can always refer to the material whenever required.
  • Engage others: In addition to uniting students and teachers, video conferencing is also extensively used to bring in guest lecturers and other subject matter experts. Whether an expert is physically located in the same town or is halfway across the globe, video conferencing can bring everyone to the same (virtual) table. This gives students an opportunity to interact with subject experts and learn from them.
  • Interaction and collaboration: Perhaps the biggest benefit of video conferencing in education is the fact that it encourages interaction and collaboration between students and teachers as compared to the traditional method of teaching. In turn, this could make students more motivated and engaged in their learning experience.

Applications of video conferencing in education

There are multiple possible purposes for  video conferencing:

  • Lectures: Teachers or educators can easily give lectures remotely to the entire class while sharing reference documents on-screen.
  • Small group learning: Another popular use of video conferencing in the classroom is small group discussion sessions. Video conferencing can be an incredible way for students working on group assignments or projects for class to connect face to face, remotely.
  • Conferences and meetings: Video conferencing tools are also a great option for connecting students and teachers one on one for advising sessions, or as a way of holding “office hours” to answer students’ questions remotely.

Since the year 2020, we all have witnessed the widespread use of video conferencing. The video conferencing market is expected to grow extensively in upcoming years. Due to its advantages in education, offices, and many other areas, video conferencing will play a considerable role as one of the vital modes of communication.


Since we have seen video conferencing in education has dynamic advantages and will be in use for quite some time. However, adopting the use of video conferencing in education requires a careful thought process and planning to conduct it successfully. It is by far the most convenient method to connect teachers, students, and parents, and other stakeholders. Additionally, with the help of Teachmint's EVaaS offering, it is easy to create a video app. It helps to create the best video infrastructure within minutes.

Teachmint offers the most sophisticated integrated school platform for the 21st century, bringing together the most effective elements of teaching, learning, and management together under a single roof. To know more about our features like performance management system, visit our website! Explore the range of our offerings like the lms portal.

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