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Managing Schools Through School Portal

As schools have started using the latest technology to engage learners, parents and students are exposed to many new terms. Now, they know about the learning management system, institute ERP software, and school portal. Today, we will discuss school portals and their role in managing the academic activities of an educational institution.

A school portal is a secured webpage created by educational organizations to assist students and help them get information about school activities. These portals are safe to use as they authenticate the identity of the end-users before giving them access. Each student receives a unique id and password to log into the portal and access information regarding exam schedules, results, and attendance.

Integration of modern technologies and course curriculum

Integrating technology into the curriculum and learning processes gives a new dimension to the education industry. It enhances the learning experience of students and deepens their understanding of subjects. With the help of online resources and new learning technologies, students develop interests in their curriculum. Moreover, modern technologies create flexible learning opportunities for students. They get their hands on multiple features like anywhere-anytime access, an online school portal, collaboration, parent engagement, assessments, and individual care.

Let us understand how modern technologies like school portals deepen the learning experiences for students.

Benefits of online school portal for students and teachers

The school portal is much more than providing online lectures to students. These portals help in sharing knowledge, facilitating administration, and improving communication among parents, teachers, and students. Moreover, school admins get a glimpse of how students are performing in and outside the classroom. School portals help educational institutions automate the entire administrative and non-administrative processes. It reduces the stress of staff members and enhances their productivity. They can manage and facilitate online classrooms, admissions, and other course-related activities with the school portal. Moreover, school admins can evaluate teachers and staff performance through this portal.

Other benefits of online school portals are:

  1. Lesson planning board

A school portal facilitates easy preparation and access to lesson plans. Teachers can create a classroom plan which can be shared easily with students through the portal. Moreover, they can add multimedia files to the plan to make it more engaging for students. Teachers can keep the lesson plans concise by adding PDFs and docs to the file.

2. Attendance tracking

School portals are enabled with attendance tracking systems. Admins can use this portal to track the attendance of teachers, students, and other staff members. The system digitizes the attendance system so teachers can avoid calling out the names of individual students before every class.

3. Performance reporting

Teachers can look at the performance reports of students to understand how individual students are performing in the class. The performance reports contain multiple details like attendance and classroom performance. These reports are presented in an easy-to-understand format using analytical tools. The performances are shown through various portals like exam and result portals, student information dashboards, and student evaluation portals.

4. Academic calendars and reminders

Managing the schedules and calendars of classes is a crucial responsibility of a student portal. The calendars are an updated version of the standard calendar along with other benefits like reminders, address book, and exam timetable among other options. Teachers and students can track the events and manage their schedules with digital academic calendars.

5. Instant messaging

Instant messaging and chat features are crucial to enhance classroom engagement and keep students motivated throughout their learning sessions. It increases collaboration and helps in the exchange of ideas and information. The messaging services of school portals connect various stakeholders like parents, students, and teachers. Moreover, it enhances communication between various departments.

6. Paperless billing for parents

Earlier, parents used to spend a lot of their time standing in a queue. Processes like admission inquiries and fee payment require time and make parents stand in line before the counters. Fortunately, the school portal has made all these processes hassle-free by introducing digital payments of fees and online admission inquiries. Moreover, the online dashboard of the school portal gives parents information about their child’s performance.

7. Improved communication

Undoubtedly, it is one of the significant advantages of school portals. An efficient school portal improves transparency by allowing all stakeholders access to the right information at the right time. It improves the overall communication structure by allowing an easy flow of information among teachers, school admins, parents, and students.

The school portal is an effective tool for record management and communicating about the daily activities of educational institutions. Moreover, these portals can be accessed anytime without any hindrance. Every school should invest in an efficient school portal to improve their work and information flow.

Teachmint helps schools envision a future where their students are equipped with 21st-century skills. With our advanced learning management system, you can improve the teaching-learning experience. Our offerings like education erp, admission management system, fee management system, and others conveniently digitize educational organizations.

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