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Ministry of Education launches 'Apna Chandrayaan Programme'

With the growing technology and advancements in science, there has been massive development and progress in all professional sectors of our nation. Having basic scientific knowledge and technical skills has become the need of the hour. To keep this perspective in mind, several modern steps are in action in our education system. The government is effectively trying to not only provide students with the knowledge of books but also nurture their scientific skills, and problem-solving abilities and make them more curious about the happenings around them. The young children, the youth, are the future of our country, indulging them in scientific learning will not only help them in academic growth but also lead to the economic and social progress of our nation. Let us read about this topic in detail. 

The union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched a program named 'Apna Chandrayan program' on the 17th of October. The program consists of a web portal that includes activity-based tasks such as coloring books, online quizzes, puzzles, and many more. These activity-based materials have been developed by NCERT i.e. National Council of Education and Research Training. 

The comprehensive program includes ten distinct modules evolved around the concept of Chandrayaan 3. The modules are a detailed description of topics like the moon mission, spanning scientific, technological, and social dimensions.

The main objective of these activity-based source materials and modules centered around Chandrayaan 3 is to foster scientific inquisitiveness, develop problem-solving and critical skills as well and ensure creativity among the students. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quickly. Even the technical chemistry and physics concepts become fun and engaging. The Ministry of Education has taken this initiative with a strong determination to nurture scientific curiosity and technology among the students, especially the younger generation. 

The Union Grants Commission (UGC) has issued an instruction for all educational institutions to initiate a quiz based on Chandrayaan 3. The quiz has been named the Maha Quiz. The commission has directed the educational institutions to start with the Maha Quiz registration process. The concept of a quiz has been implemented as an opportunity for the students who are participating to assess their knowledge of the Chandrayaan 3 mission and gain a deeper understanding of space science. The foremost objective of the quiz is to increase engagement and awareness of the awakening topic of space science. Interested students are required to register by October 31, 2023. 

Let's have a brief outlook on Chandrayaan 3. 

Chandrayaan 3 is a follow-up mission of Chandrayaan 2 with the chief purpose of attaining a safe landing on the lunar surface. The spacecraft is made up of a Lander and Rover setup. It will be launched into space by the LVM3 rocket from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota. The propulsion module will transport the lander. Rover, to an orbit that is 100 km away. The propulsion module carries a payload called Spectropolarimetry of Planet Earth (SHAPE) which is used to analyze the polarimetric properties of Earth from its position in lunar orbit.

The National Space Agency based in this location has also mentioned that all the tasks of the Chandrayaan 3 mission are going as planned.

According to Isro's announcement, on 'X' formerly known as Twitter the Chandrayaan 3 mission has achieved two out of its three objectives. The first objective, which involved a gentle landing, on the surface has been successfully demonstrated. The second objective, which involved the rover exploring the moon's surface, has also been accomplished. Currently ongoing is the objective of conducting experiments in situ. Isro further stated that all payloads are functioning properly.

Apna Chandrayaan Programme is a scientific training program for students. There are some noticeable benefits of introducing such new scientific training programs. They help the students in developing various skills like problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and many more. They enable a logical mindset in the students. Introducing such intriguing programs is the best possible way to nurture science and technology. 

We hope the above-mentioned information will be engaging and helpful for all. For more such interesting content, visit our website teachmint. Have a happy learning!

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