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Moving on the Path to Success With Teachmint

True teachers are those who help us think for ourselves’-Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Teachers are the pillars of strength in the lives of their students. Their role is not just limited to being an instructor, but they also play the role of motivators. They pass on values to students and help them develop their skills. Moreover, teachers also help students become responsible citizens. Today, we bring you the story of Awadhesh Kumar, a private educator from Bihar who is guiding his students on their path to success. Continue reading to know more about his story.

Awadhesh Sir runs his private classes for students studying in classes 9 to 12. He provides English education to students and believes that every student needs to learn this language for better communication. He says, ‘English has emerged as a universal language, and every student must learn this language to empower themselves. In addition to learning spoken English, they should also focus on grammar and vocabulary.’

When asked about Awadhesh Sir’s journey as a teacher, he says, ‘I became a teacher owing to my passion for this profession. I had always wanted to be a teacher, and I am happy that I am an educator today. However, I faced various challenges on the way. My family wanted me to take another profession, but my passion for spreading knowledge helped me become a teacher.’

Talking about Teachmint and how he learned about the platform, Awadhesh Sir says that he got to know about Teachmint when surfing the internet. He says, ‘The pandemic was a tough time for my students. We all were sailing against the current in the hope of getting a better education. One day, when scrolling through the internet, I learned about Teachmint and downloaded the app. With the help of this platform, I connected with my students and crossed the roadblock that we experienced in the path of getting education.’ He also adds that he used various other platforms to teach his students, but none of them beat the features and compatibility offered by Teachmint.

Teachmint has helped my students in multiple ways. In our area, most of us face internet connectivity issues. However, with Teachmint, we can safely cross all the hurdles. The platform works well in areas with low internet connectivity. In addition, the automated attendance and live class recording features are cherries on the cake.’

Awadhesh Sir recommends the platform to other teachers and says it will eliminate redundant tasks from their to-do list. Talking about his educational qualification, he says he completed his B.Ed in 2019, and after that, he started his private classes. He also did a librarian course to add another feather to his cap.

He has a special message for his students that says, ‘Students should study well and pour every ounce of their energy into gaining knowledge. They should never stop learning and try to give their best in the process.’

We are proud to be associated with Awadhesh Sir and teachers of his kind. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Teachmint helps schools envision a future where their students are equipped with 21st-century skills. With our advanced learning management system, you can improve the teaching-learning experience. Our offerings like education erp, admission management system, fee management system, and others conveniently digitize educational institutions.

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