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10 Tips To Answer Reasoning Ability Questions

Reasoning is the ability to think logically under varied circumstances and come out with the best solutions. Possessing good reasoning ability is crucial in the role of a teacher, and hence, most eligibility tests for teachers include logical reasoning. Practicing these questions helps enhance their mental capability, ultimately giving them a boost in their job roles.

Reasoning ability questionnaires are not so difficult to crack if one practices a few questions beforehand. It will help in increasing efficiency and saving time while appearing for an exam. Even though these questions vary from exam to exam, they work on the same principles and can be practiced in advance to ace the exam. Further, practicing a few questions can help the candidate better understand their strong and weak points and attempt the exam accordingly.

Let us look at the different kinds of reasoning ability questions for teachers before we understand how to answer the logical questions most effectively.

Types of Reasoning Ability Questions

  1. Puzzles: These questions present a puzzle for the candidates involving questions from seating arrangements, floor plans, and roadblocks. The trick to solving these puzzles is to create a visual image in mind and then look for the logical solution.
  2. Patterns: These types of questions center around finding the suitable number or alphabet in a given sequence. The key here is to understand the algorithm of the sequence and crack the following block.
  3. Verbal questions: These questions do not require the candidate to form visual images but think and solve the questions. They are usually related to equations or conclusions, such as if A and B are true, would C be true as well.

There are different tricks to solve each of these questions. Once mastered, they provide a definite result. Let us now look at the different tricks to solve the reasoning ability questions most effectively.

10 Ways To Effectively Solve Reasoning Ability Questions

Even though these questions appear tricky, they can become a piece of cake if you follow helpful techniques to solve them. Here are some ways you can effectively solve the reasoning ability questions in no time.

  1. Understand the question: It is best to read the questions before reading the passage. It helps give a purpose while reading the passage and saves time. Candidates who read the passage first, followed by the questions, have to re-read it to find answers. Thus, it is recommended to read the questions first to save time and understand what the question demands.
  2. Break down the passage: For most questions, it is better to break down the comprehension into smaller, logical conclusions to gather every aspect. In trying to understand the entire passage at once, candidates often miss out on small details. It eventually makes them waste more time finding an answer to the question.
  3. Evaluate all choices: Try to evaluate all the options to double-check the answer you have in mind. It will help you gain clarity with the solution you have finally selected. You can also get into deeper reasoning beyond your theory about the logic of the question.
  4. Use your words: While breaking down the passage into comprehensive conclusions, it is often helpful to convert the question into your words. It helps the candidate gain a better perspective and enhance the understanding of the passage along with the questions.
  5. Do not skip to the choices: Several candidates make the mistake of analyzing the options even before knowing what the question demands. It leads to added confusion and wastage of time. The best way to go about any question is to read the question first, followed by the options and the passage.
  6. Skip questions: While performing a reasoning ability test, there is a mix of all kinds of questions presented to the candidate. Some questions have uselessly long passages but easy questions. While others seem easy because of the short length; however these questions create spirals of confusion. Since there are a variety of questions, the candidate can skip a few of them if it feels right to avoid wasting time.
  7. Answer all questions: Since there is no negative marking in most reasoning ability questions for teachers, the candidate must attempt all the questions. While doing this, it is best to go with your gut feeling or whatever logic you can apply, but leaving anything blank does not help.
  8. Pick any random order of questions: Since it is not a writing test, the candidate is not obliged to answer the paper in a specified order. Therefore, feel free to attempt questions that seem easy or skip an entire section of questions you find challenging. Staying calm while answering the paper is prime. Thus, feel free to leave whatever gets you panicking for a while.
  9. Mark while reading: It is best to mark the relevant things while reading to conclude faster. Many candidates find it helpful to highlight words such as “therefore”, “all”, “most likely”, and “not” so that they do not make errors while comprehending the passage and can answer quickly.
  10. Know all the question types in advance: Every candidate has a strong point and better comprehensibility towards a specific question type. Therefore, it is essential to know all question types in advance and attempt the questions you have mastered first. It helps to gain maximum marks and confidence while answering later questions.

These are some beneficial tips that can help teachers answer the reasoning ability questions faster and more appropriately. Besides following these tricks, practice is the key to solving any question paper with efficiency. The more you practice with these points in mind, the better you can perform in the exam. Thus, attempt as many reasoning ability questions as you can before your paper. Keep practicing till we come back to you with a new set of tips in our following blog.

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