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Rewards and Recognition Ideas to Encourage Students


Rewards and recognition can always be exciting. There is no doubt that it is a confidence builder and an inspiration to perform better. When all our efforts receive the rewards and recognition it deserves, it brings a sense of satisfaction to our minds. Teachers can give rewards and recognition to their students to improve their academic performance and it can help in the personality development of students. Moreover, it helps to cultivate a healthy competition in the minds of students. This article will cover some amazing rewards and recognition ideas to encourage and empower students. Read on to understand what those ideas are.

Rewards and recognition can be awarded to students in multiple situations. It could be for any of  the following:

  • Becoming the class topper
  • Being punctual in class.
  • Doing the class activities in the best possible way.
  • Never missing homework.
  • Adhering to all the rules and regulations.
  • Wearing a neat uniform every day
  • Participating in school activities
  • Clearing a competitive exam
  • For winning in sports, etc.

The above-mentioned are just a few examples of student achievements worthy of rewards and recognition but there could be more unaccounted for. Now we can move on to the types of rewards and recognition that can be given by the teachers.

Prizes & Trophies

Teachers can bring a set of prizes to the classroom and show them to all the students. You can place these prizes somewhere in the classroom. Tell your kids that every time they accomplish anything deserving of a prize, they can select one from the collection. This will be exciting for the students because winning these rewards would motivate them to work harder towards their academic pursuits and extracurricular activities.

Good Mark Chart

As the name suggests, it is a chart that would have two sections. One would be for the good mark and the other for the bad mark. When a student fulfills his/her tasks that are assigned in the classroom, he/she would receive a good mark on the chart. Likewise, when any of the students fail to complete the class tasks, he/she would receive a bad mark. This chart can be pasted on the wall of the classroom. This would give students an insight into their overall performance in the class. Also, they would have an incentive to try harder to decrease the number of bad marks on the charts by doing their tasks properly and on time. Teachers can present rewards and recognition to the student or students who receive the highest number of good marks.

Making a Student the Class Monitor

Being a class monitor endows a set of powers, which motivates students to aim for the class monitor position. Instead of choosing a class monitor merely on the basis of the scores that students gain in an examination, teachers can choose a class monitor as a reward for the students’ excellent performance in any of the other academic activities. Teachers can make the selection more interesting. Teachers can select the class monitor with the help of group activities.

Group activities unleash the leadership skills and team management skills of the students. Teachers can choose students who exhibit these qualities during the activities and make that student the class leader. Moreover, this encourages other students to work on their team management and leadership skills.

Edible Gifts

Edible gifts are another way to appreciate the victory of students. Teachers can get them eatables like chocolates, ice cream, candies, etc. Students can share this with their friends and also have it themselves. Moreover, edible gifts don’t cost much, so teachers don’t have to spend too much money to give gifts to their students.

Lunch would be a great reward for students who have excelled in a sports event or any school event for that matter. The teacher can either prepare the gift themselves, buy something special for the students, or take them out for lunch. This is an excellent reward for students. Teachers can also give students the opportunity to have lunch with them.

Extra Recess Time

Everyone would want to have extra recess time. This may be an alluring reward for pupils. They will have more time to engage in the things they find interesting if there is more time for recess. Additionally, if a group of pupils receives this privilege, they can engage in group activities, play games, etc.  You can also give students some individual reading time if they are interested in reading. Since the student has an inclination towards reading, he or she would much value and enjoy this chance.

Skip an Exam

The student who achieves the highest grade on an exam during a term or semester can receive this opportunity or reward. A class test might be waived by the teacher. Most students dislike taking tests. Therefore, with this kind of rewards and recognition, he/she might work harder to attain that reward. Based on their performance, students can also be double promoted. Double promotion can be done after a close evaluation of their competence. These rewards can enhance students’ performance and the hard work and efforts of all the students in the classroom. This would lead to the collective development of the class as a whole.

Class Rewards

In addition to these, if the class has collectively achieved something, teachers can also give class rewards. Teachers can reward and recognize the class as follows:

  • Organize fun activities
  • Have a special movie screening
  • Give them a free hour
  • Skip uniform for a day
  • Take them out for a picnic
  • Reduce or give them no homework, etc.


Given above are some of the rewards and recognition ideas that teachers can give students. These rewards and recognition can encourage them to get involved in various activities and excel in them. This can boost their confidence and help in their academic development. Teachers can use any of these ideas to motivate their students or come up with some of their own.

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