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Role of School LMS in Classroom Management


The fundamental functioning unit of a school is its classroom. The classroom is the factory that creates students, with the teachers providing fuel in the form of class and the students taking that as input. The end product of such a well-coordinated system is a group of students who are well-informed and educated in all aspects of life. A major component of a well-disciplined organized classroom is effective classroom management. Classroom management is an important part of every teacher’s daily routine and therefore must be done so perfectly. Let us get into what classroom management is and how a school LMS can assist in the process.

What is Classroom Management

Classroom management can be defined as the process of maintaining order and decorum within the confines of the classroom in which a teacher is taking the class. Classroom management requires patience, diligence, an authoritative grasp of the class, and the will to impose disciplinary action as and when necessary. It is a skill that all teachers should cultivate in themselves as they get acclimatized into their role.

It is a skill that requires time to master. A lot of teachers initially find classroom management quite difficult because of several factors. It can be due to the teacher’s ability to control the class itself, the general nature of the students, the strength of the class, and so on. It is a multifaceted problem that requires a solution of the same nature. This is where a school LMS can help. However, before we get into that, let us understand a bit more about what a school LMS is.

What is School LMS

LMS stands for Learning Management System. It is a software solution that enables the use of technology to make classroom learning engaging and make it more lively. A school LMS is a tool that helps improve productivity manifold and efficiency of educational institutes and offers various features for the same such as tracking attendance, tasks, grades,  and the progress of students over time. Teachmint offers school LMS portal features as part of its integrated school platform that will be tailored to the needs of the respective educational institutions and their stakeholders. For instance, it can be used to provide information on courses available, content, and services offered, help admins keep track of how students are progressing with their modules, and provide a platform for staff members to collaborate.

How School LMS Helps in Classroom Management

Now that we have an idea of what school LMS is, let us see how it can help change classroom management for the better.

Increase Student Engagement

One of the best ways for students to learn is by having them actively engage with the content that they are assigned. This process is known as active learning and is effective in a lot of cases. There are a lot of advantages of engaging students in the class as they learn:

  • The learning process becomes fun and interesting. This can help students who are not really interested in the subject at hand to pay attention, hence helping them learn.
  • It makes students engage with one another, hence enabling them to collaborate. Collaboration has proven to be an effective learning tool, sometimes even emerging more effective than the aspect of competition when learning certain subjects.
  • With classroom engagement, more students find themselves learning about one another on a much more individual level which helps build more unity in the classroom.

So how does a learning management system help increase student engagement? Teachmint offers the Live Poll and Hand Raise feature. These are engagement tools that can be used in both offline as well as online classes. The teacher can use this by asking a question in the class and then asking the students to either answer the question or giving them the opportunity to raise their hand (virtually) so that all the students get an equal opportunity to answer. This makes engagement in the class more tangible and more importantly, exciting.

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Easy Sharing of Content

One of the advantages of using an integrated school platform like Teachmint is that you can get everything that the teacher and student require in one place. In this case, teachers can easily share content with their students with the help of the Study Materials feature in the LMS. Teachers can share PDFs, videos, images, and even YouTube video links directly in the classroom. This makes access to files and information much easier for students and helps teachers share the content much more easily. Instantaneous sharing of information means that students and teachers will be on the same page (both figuratively as well as literally) while being in class. This makes the class more active.

Multimedia Learning

This may be seen as an extension of the previous point but its relevance is such that it deserves separate mention. A consequence of being able to make sharing content so easy is that teachers can use this extra dimension to expand the horizon of what is capable within the classroom. With multimedia learning enabled students can adopt different learning styles and learn at their own pace, something that would not be possible without a school LMS.


Technology has proven to make every task simpler, and classroom management is no different. With an integrated school platform, teaching, learning, and administration become simple and effective. Teachmint offers schools the digital infrastructure to set up and run such a complex solution and offers a whole lot of features that can make the operations of all the associated stakeholders easy and efficient.

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