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School ERPs and Their Role in Helping Teachers


The paradigm shift in the field of education was so sudden and so drastic that most of the world is still reeling from its consequences. Obviously, the alternative to traditional teaching was online education which has helped a lot of students in taking classes at their own pace and scheduling school in such a way that they can find a balance. However, there are certain aspects of teaching that require more innovation, such as attendance, doubt clarification, etc.  This is where School ERPs come in.

What are School ERPs?

ERPs are used by schools to manage everyday activities like managing student databases, administrative tasks, fee management, managing student attendance, assigning homework to students and its management, e-learning management, etc.

ERPs have become increasingly popular across the world since the lockdowns started becoming more common and sporadic. As schools have started realizing the benefits of smart school ERPs, they have started making it the backbone of school management even after schools have started reopening for regular classes. In addition to automating the daily activities of a school, school ERPs are also changing the way teachers spend their time. Since the burden of routine tasks has been handed over to a software solution, teachers can better focus on improving the learning outcomes of the students.

How School ERPs Help Teachers Focus on Teaching

As mentioned above, school ERPs can help teachers focus less on the administrative side of being a teacher and focus more on the teaching aspect of the same. Here are a few ways they can go about doing so:

Doubt Clarification

A lot of students find it difficult to ask questions to the teacher in a classroom because of fear of judgment lest they make a mistake or get ridiculed by either the students or the teacher. ERPs can tackle this particular problem by providing dedicated features exclusively for the purpose of asking and clarifying doubts.

Additionally, the student's performance is tracked continuously which helps teachers know the topics in which a student is struggling as the year progresses. A school ERP can also help students ask doubts to the teacher personally, ensuring that teachers are in contact with their students and hence give them proper guidance to become better performers.

Automated Test Scoring

Conceptualizing and creating tests, quizzes, homework, and assignments are extremely easy thanks to school ERPs. In addition, it also helps teachers automate the process of MCQ answer paper correction and hence helps them focus on the holistic growth of the student and less on the actual grading process. A teacher’s role is not limited to just teaching and grading answer sheets, they are also responsible for a student’s intellectual as well as mental growth, both of which can have a bigger impact on a student’s life in the long run than pure academic growth. school ERPs hence make teachers more effective as an educator rather than just a ‘teacher’ in the literal sense of the term.

Also when it becomes easier for teachers, it becomes easier for the students as well. They can attempt the tests, even oneness previously scheduled by the teacher, from any location as well as from any device. The results of the same are tabulated instantly with the help of the ERP and they can see the results then and there.

Communication with Parents

When it comes to online schooling, it becomes even more important for the parents to know what their child is learning since they will be more personally involved in the child’s learning. ERP systems offer teachers the opportunity to directly interact with parents and let them know about their child’s progress and shortcomings if any. This channel works both ways and can help parents give feedback and suggestions to improve their classes.

Recorded Class Option for Students

An ERP system can help track the lectures a student has missed and alert both parents and teachers about the same. This can help the student become more serious about attending their lectures as well as let teachers know which portion the students missed, which can help them arrange recorded classes if required. Also, most of these recorded sessions will be available for later study in a database that can be accessed for revisions.

Automated Attendance System

Marking attendance in a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom can be quite a tiresome and laborious activity that wastes a lot of time in the classroom. Teachers are expected to complete this process as well as teach with their full potential for the rest of the day, which they will surely struggle to juggle. School ERP systems help automate this process quite seamlessly. This ensures that the class attendance is over in a jiffy and teachers can analyze this attendance and parents are aware of their child’s record. This automated system ensures that most of the classroom time of teachers goes towards teaching students.


As you can see, school ERPs make the life of teachers and students much more convenient by automating all the processes that consume valuable time that can be spent on more important tasks. ERP systems benefit both the teachers as well as the students. With more and more institutes implementing school ERPs into their school system, education as we know it is modernizing before our very eyes, and soon enough, attendance recording in class, grading answer sheets, etc. by teachers will become a thing of the past.

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