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Level Up Your Lessons: Creative Ways to Use Smart Boards in Every Subject

User comments from across the world let us know that teachers enjoy using a variety of edutech tools in the classroom. Academic institutions have been adapting to the new age of online learning by including software, such as learning management systems, and hardware, such as smart boards. In today’s blog, we shall discuss the latter, speaking of how a smart board for teaching solves several hurdles of the daily teaching-learning process. 

Understanding Smart Board technology

As suggested by what is smart board name, the device runs on technology provided by SMART Notebook. The major component is the display which comprises a visual board which can show images and support other media forms while being plugged into an electrical supply. It does so by the use of a USB cord which connects the smart board display illustration, to a computer or laptop. The display can be used to observe images formatted as PowerPoint presentations. The only difference is that unlike PowerPoint presentations the display used in the smart board for classroom allows marking to be made using a special pen. 

Depending on the model of the smart board another component of the package may be the projector that can be mounted to the ceiling or remains connected to the smart board. In such situations, the display board acts as both a reflecting surface for the projector as well as a self-operating device. The software of the smart board for classroom is advanced enough to support up to four students to write on the screen simultaneously. This eases problems of note taking, question solving, group discussion, classroom illustration, and much more.

What is Smart Board used for?

The instructor or teacher plays a major role in operating and using the smart board for teaching purposes. Here are some of the applications which can be made more manageable with the use of a smart board

  • The digital smart board acts as a visual tool to present images text and videos to a large group of students. 
  • It decreases time spent looking for resources and references and hence allocates more time during the lesson for interaction and engagement. 
  • The smart board is especially useful in today's day image where the world is still debating the importance of online learning platforms. Teachers can add value to online classes by directly utilizing the smart board as a live classroom tool.

Smart board for teaching
Smart board for teaching

Advantages of using Smart Board for Teaching 

According to a study conducted by the National Centre for Education Statistics, 74% of teachers in the USA access online content as a teaching aid during lessons via smart boards. So, what's the appeal? Let's take a look at some of the benefits of using smart boards:

Improves student engagement

With the use of interactive tools such as highlighting, circling, arrowing, or zooming in, teachers can make lessons more dynamic, thus keeping children engaged in the visuals being displayed. As mentioned before up to 4 students can work on the screen at once using the split screen mode. 

Practice different teaching styles simultaneously

A teacher can attend to the needs of a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a kinesthetic/hands-on learner all at once by using a smart board for teaching

Save and share lessons easily

In most classrooms across the globe, teachers must inform students of the work that they have missed out on so that they may catch up with the rest of their classmates. By using a tech tool like a smart board in the classroom teachers can easily convert real-time lessons into shareable videos and screenshots. Using this method educators can also find ease of collaboration.

Disadvantages of using Smart Board for Classroom

While smart boards offer a slew of benefits, they oftentimes come with drawbacks such as high initial costs, maintenance expenses, and potential technical glitches that end up interrupting lessons. They also pose a steep learning curve for teachers who are unfamiliar with all things tech. However, as technology evolves, smart boards are poised to play a crucial role in fostering interactive and engaging learning experiences. Ongoing advancements, coupled with comprehensive teacher training programs, are likely to mitigate current challenges.

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