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Top 10 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

Classroom teaching plays a crucial role in shaping the overall personalities of students. The adoption of online learning in India is at an all-time high, setting a new benchmark for the rest of the world, one must use technology to make learning interesting. There are many ways of doing the same.  You've likely heard a ton about the game-changing capability of innovative technology to enhance the learning experience. Technology helps in both teaching and learning with digital learning devices like PCs and smartphones. At the same time, it results in increased student participation and is available 24 hours a day. It helps students with access to study resources whenever they need. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 ways in which teachers can use technology to make learning interesting and engaging.

To make teaching and learning interesting, one must use technology appropriately. Here, we present you the top  10 ways to use technology in the classroom:

1.Use of slideshows with multimedia

Moving objects catch our attention more than still objects do. So, it will be really helpful if you use slideshows with eye-catchy images. You can also use audio clips to make the slideshows more interesting. Always use colorful images, small video clips, GIF files, and soundtracks in your slides. Ask your students to give presentations. This will improve their communication skills and confidence as well.

2.Use of online classroom digital boards

To make a smart classroom, one must use modern and digital equipment such as Online Classroom Digital Boards. These intelligent sheets make learning an interesting undertaking by utilizing visual components. Since digital boards use audio and visuals, these exercises permit students to comprehend the concept being taught all the more effectively. These digital boards are very effective in teaching because they have lots of amazing, easy-to-use features.

3.Virtual tour

As a teacher, you can make your students visit various places virtually. An immensely helpful instrument, especially for educators looking for better approaches to utilize innovation in the classroom, is to take their students on virtual tours. Google Street view and other comparable applications permit you to virtually investigate stops, woodlands, and surprisingly public and worldwide tourist spots from the solace of your classroom. For all intents and purposes, experience the view of the Taj Mahal or climb through the Himalayas to get the students curious to find out about an area or subject, thereby enriching their learning experiences.

4.Online quiz

Know that various websites provide personalized quizzes. You can also use google forms to make your own quiz. A smart classroom should be equipped with all modern technology to address the needs of 21st-century students.

5.Gamification of learning

It is said, learning by playing is the ideal approach to comprehending an intricate idea. This applies consistently to everyone. When a mind-boggling idea is instructed as games, students can easily absorb a concept. Using games to teach a concept makes learning interesting and easy for students.

6.Classroom calendar

Foster a common online schedule for your classroom through Google Calendar or any other app for posting significant updates. Post task due dates (for example, field excursions and guest speakers). Also share the schedule with guardians to keep them updated with their young one's learning and performance.

7.Recorded personalized feedback

You can also share a personalized recorded audio feedback with your students. This will make them understand their mistakes and will allow them to improve on the same. You can also motivate your students to do better and appreciate them for good performance.

8.Teaching through screen sharing

As one of the most significant advantages, you can share your screen from your mobile and laptop. If you want to show something to your students, you can simply share your screen and make the learning process more interactive. In any video conference app, a screen-sharing option can be found. Use this option to share your screen.

9.Using and creating digital content

You can make digital content and use it in your classroom. It will make communication easy and interactive. It aids students to get rid of voluminous books and allows them to better connect with study material. You can take the help of animated videos and likewise.

10. Online Activities

There are a lot of online games and activities that you can make your students play. This will help them engage better and will also help break the monotony in the classroom.

Choose an online teaching app that will help you ace online teaching. One that is easy to use and has a host of features. Teachmint, for instance, is a one-stop solution for teaching online.


Using innovative technology in the classroom is a highly effective mode of communication among students. Utilizing innovation in your classroom allows students to have an active and participatory role in their learning. In the coming times, smart classrooms will surely substitute the traditional classroom. Smart classrooms ensure student engagement and learning in various ways, but you have to see how to utilize the innovation successfully and securely. Using Online Classroom Digital Boards is increasing day by day, as it helps to save lots of unnecessary expenditure on buying traditional teaching accessories like whiteboards and whiteboard markers. Digital learning offers a compelling method to reduce expenses, boost assets, and elevate both reach and effect for students and teachers in the same manner. Instructors can use technology to accomplish new degrees of efficiency, pushing teaching to a new level. It additionally empowers teachers to develop their guidance strategies further and customize learning. All the best!

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