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Spreading Knowledge with Teachmint

How would you feel if you were asked to do your favorite task daily? You may feel a different joy in your work, right? Raghuvir Ram Dasi loves teaching and has been following his passion for teaching for decades. Continue reading this blog to know more about his journey.

Raghuvir Ram Dasi is a private tutor who loves to spread his knowledge of Sanskrit among young students. He has established a private institute where teachers spread the wisdom of this ancient Indian language. Raghuvir Sir began teaching in 2006. Upon a request from a school, he started conducting Sanskrit classes for young students. His hard work and dedication helped him gain recognition, and Raghuvir Sir started getting offers from other private and public schools. As a result, he was associated with 3-4 schools within a year. He loves developing his skills and continuously participates in various teacher training programs.

Raghuvir Sir has dedicated his life to the promotion of Sanskrit language. He believes no other language can beat the warmth and dignity of this language. Moreover, he keeps connecting with other teachers to provide an enriched learning environment to his students.

Talking about Teachmint, Raghuvir Sir stresses the importance of live recording features. He says that his students can rewatch the lessons again in case of doubts. Also, they can learn the topics at their pace. Secondly, Raghuvir Sir loves that the app supports regions with low internet bandwidth. Now, he does not need to worry about connectivity issues and can provide hassle-free Sanskrit lectures to students. Lastly, Raghuvir Sir mentions the ease of adding students to his live classroom. Now, he does not need to enroll individual students before the start of every session. As a result, the Teachmint app allows Raghuvir Sir to save time.

‘I love the ease with which I can conduct my classes on Teachmint. Also, the app notifies my students about the classroom schedule. This feature has helped me provide on-time learning to every student. I can save a lot of time through this app and dedicate that time to honing my professional skills.’

Raghuvir Sir strongly recommends Teachmint to every teacher. He believes the app will save the time of every educator, and they can devote more time to self-development. He says updating teaching skills and establishing a personal connection with students is crucial for every teacher. It creates a warm and collaborative environment in the classroom.

Raghuvir Sir also has a special message for learners all around the world. He mentions that the hunger to learn new skills should never die. Students must be eager to learn new things and spread their knowledge. Moreover, every student must believe in knowledge sharing as it is a way to grow. In Raghuvir Sir’s words, there is nothing pure than knowledge in this entire world.

Teachmint is proud to be associated with such teachers who aim to light the candle of knowledge and wisdom in every house. We wish Raghuvir Sir all the best and hope to continue learning from him in the future.

Teachmint is the leading ed-infra provider helping educational institutions improve their efficiency. With our offerings like LMS, attendance management, fee management system, and more, institutes can boost their productivity multifold.

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