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Student Information System - A Guide

What is a Student Information System?

The SIS, or Student Information System, is one of the technical implementations that help schools speed up student information processing. SIS can keep track of several types of information about the students, like their attendance, grades, course history, fee details, and much more for their entire academic span.

Generally, schools manage all information either manually or through any appropriate tool. The school information system can manage all information through a single platform. As a result, the faculty members do not need to spend much time managing students’ information manually and can focus on student improvement.

According to a market survey, SIS’s global market size will grow to 2,583 million by 2022. The reason behind this is the numerous benefits offered by SIS. Some of them are discussed in the next section of this post.

SIS Key Strengths

As discussed in the section above, SIS can manage almost all aspects and operations of an educational institute, from storing the student’s information to managing their accounts and grades. Still, there are some specific benefits of SIS, such as:

Increased Staff Productivity

SIS is a mostly cloud-based platform where teaching and non-teaching staff members can enter and save student-related information. Unlike manual student information systems, in which staff must enter students’ information every time, with SIS, they only have to enter the registration number of the student, and all remaining details can then be accessed with just a single click. This saves time for staff members, and they can focus on other crucial tasks.

Better Analysis of Student’s Performance

SIS can also store the performance details in a much more organized manner. The teachers, therefore, can organize and manage the student’s performance as per their school grades, attendance record, and homework completion rate.

The integrated dashboard of SIS can also feature and generate automated reports of every student. Based on the performance report uploaded by the teacher or staff, the visual reports can be generated in graphical format. It makes the evaluation easier for the teachers as they can get insights into their performance. As a result, they can improve the student’s weaker areas.

Better Parental Involvement

There should be better and more transparent interactions between parents and teachers. Parents should be well informed about their children’s performance in school and what they are learning. Parents can be kept informed about homework or other academic information through SIS. As a result, teachers, parents, and school staff can remain well-connected and informed, resulting in a healthy learning environment.

Data Security

The power of cloud security helps schools in making data information secure. Even all information can be accessed by them remotely in a secure way. It helps in reducing data misuse, and schools can remain worry-free about making data secure. Cloud systems add another high-security layer around all sensitive information and make data accessible only by authorized persons.

Same System for Multiple Branches

As the reputed educational institutes have more than one branch. Even in any such case, school management can use the same SIS to manage students’ information from every branch from any location. So, multi-campus management can be handled in a customized manner. Hence, school management can easily access consolidated data of the students from a single place.

So, these benefits, including many others, are the reasons due to why schools prefer the SIS to manage students’ information. Let us know some attractive features of SIS in the next section.

Features of SIS

SIS is a cloud-based information storage system or software. As per the student’s information, available online or on SIS, parents, and teachers can access the academic, attendance, or other relevant information. However, they can access the following features of any SIS and make use of them as per requirement:

Student’s Progress Report

In SIS, the progress report of students is recorded throughout the year. These records can help in evaluating students’ performance. Teachers can check and evaluate their performance, make the actual decision, and try to improve their performance in the required area.

Attendance and Admission Process

A student’s record and attendance log are crucial aspects. SIS can generate attendance reports that can be used in several ways and for several purposes. This attendance record helps in regulating and organizing many other tasks. Apart from this, admission inquiries and enrolment can also help the schools increase their productivity.

Customized Library Management System

SIS systems also have library management software that allows schools to create and manage library operations online. The system user can view the list of books requested or borrowed by the members. Along with that membership renewal and late return, the librarians can also view and maintain charges through this software.

Hostel Management

If the schools have their hostels, this feature can help them manage hostel information. They can see how many rooms are available and mess settings. Even the hostel management authorities can track the number of rooms and services and allocate the rooms per their availability.

Parent Access

Parents can get complete access to their child’s information or records. They can know fee detail and homework assigned to the students and understand study details. They can know their child’s performance and analyze it properly.


Choosing the best student information system for your school can be tricky and challenging. Due to the availability of so many options, choosing the right one may also be difficult. However, by determining your exact requirement details, you can consider the one that best suits your staff's requirements. Teachmint offers the best student information system in the market today with all the features you will ever need to run your school your own way. Check out our features to learn more!

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