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Teacher Cover Letter Examples and Writing Tips

For a job application, the most important thing after the Résumé is probably your cover letter. This article will help you understand more about a preferable teacher cover letter with the help of some cover letter examples. To create a positive impact on the recruiters, you need to submit a professional and effectively written cover letter. You need to equip yourself with strong writing skills.

A cover letter will help you showcase your value as a teacher. Both those who have prior experience in the teaching field and those willing to start a job as a teacher will benefit from this article. A few writing tips are mentioned in this article that will help you create a good teacher cover letter example. To set up a good teacher cover letter example, you should include all the relevant points that will impress the recruiters.

A decent cover letter example must include proper structure and format of the cover letter. In your cover letter, you must showcase your skills as a teacher and effectively mention your achievements and experiences. Strong grip over the language and grammar plays a key role in setting up a good teacher cover letter example. Let us have a look at the following points to ensure that you can synthesize an optimal teacher cover letter example.

Skills to be Included in your Teacher Cover Letter

1.Communication skills

As a teacher, you must be able to explain your ideas to the students effectively. In other words, you must be able to communicate with your students easily. Ensure to include your communication skills in the teacher cover letter in a professional and concise manner.

2.Leadership quality

As a teacher, you need to pass on your vision and values to the students. If you can convey your strong leadership qualities in the cover letter by providing examples from your teaching experience, that acts as an advantage for you.

3.Organization skills

A teacher needs to deal with numerous students at a time. Your organization skills will help you to establish yourself as a successful teacher. To highlight your organizational skills, you may mention how successfully you conducted an activity with a group of students within the stipulated time.


A teacher comes across different types of students. Some are difficult to handle, while some are not. As a teacher, you must not lose your calm. In your teacher cover letter, you may highlight your conflict resolving capabilities, even under extreme pressure.

Formatting and Structuring a Teacher Cover Letter

Now that you know which skills are important for a teacher, you must focus on writing your cover letter for the teacher job.  It is important to follow a specific structure and format for writing a teacher cover letter. It ensures that all the steps have been followed and all relevant information included. The structural components of a cover letter must include the following:


In a teacher cover letter, you must introduce yourself at the very beginning. Just like you would introduce yourself to someone when you meet them in person. You must also mention why you are applying for the teacher post. This will let the recruiters know about your interest in teaching. The recruiters will get an overall idea of your personality through this part of your cover letter.

2.Overview of your experience and expertise

This is an important paragraph in your cover letter. This will let the recruiters know about your expertise and knowledge in the teaching field. Based on your skills and experiences, you will be judged by the recruiters. This part of your cover letter will decide if you are a good fit for the teacher post.

3.Highlight your achievements

Make sure to highlight this section very well. This section will draw the attention of the recruiters towards your achievements. This section might earn you extra brownie points for the teacher post. For example, you might have an excellent academic record with high marks, or you may have earned prestigious awards or scholarships and so on. All these points must be highlighted in this section. This part of your cover letter will help you stand out in the eyes of the recruiters.

4. Mention why you are a suitable candidate

It is advisable to do proper research on the organization you are applying to for the teacher post. By doing so, you will be able to design your cover letter effectively. This will create the impression on the recruiters that you have researched about their organization. Include points like how your values and the values or vision of the organization match each other. Thus, you will also establish why you are a well-suited candidate for the teacher post in their organization.

5.Highlight your key skills

Make sure to highlight your skills that will be relevant for the post of a teacher. For example, you might have an extra degree or have undertaken additional training that will help you to be a better teacher. Try to highlight such skills in this section. You may also consider providing real-life examples, where these skills helped you overcome a challenging situation as a teacher.


This section will provide a closure to your cover letter. You should express your gratitude and thankfulness to the reader, who has spared the time and patience to read your cover letter. Furthermore, do not forget to mention that you will be waiting to hear from them. You may also provide your contact details in this portion so that the recruiters can convey their responses to you.


A good cover letter is important to create a powerful impact on the recruiters. There are a few technical points that should be taken care of too. You should always use a formal font to type your teacher cover letter so that the texts are clear and easily readable. Line spacing should be enough to provide clarity to the text. You must proofread your cover letter to ensure that there are no spelling and grammatical errors. All these points collectively help to create a positive impact on the reader.

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