Teacher Education- An Overview

  • Anagha Vallikat
    Anagha Vallikat

What is teacher education? Teachers and education are closely related to each other. But, what does teacher education stand for? What is the definition of teacher education? This blog will throw light on the concept of teacher education and the importance of teacher education.

The major aim of teacher education is focused on imparting training to the teachers, with the main purpose of achieving effective academic outcomes.

As we all know, teachers play an important role in the effective growth and development of the students. Therefore, to ensure that teachers are doing their duties up to the required standard, it is important for them to enhance their skills and qualities. A holistic advancement is necessary and as we have mentioned time and again, teaching and learning go hand in hand. Both are counterparts. One cannot exist without the other.

The major role of teachers is not just to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the educational institutions but also to promote the welfare of society. They play a key role in shaping the future generation and that is why teacher education is necessary.

Let’s look at the objective of teacher education in detail:

Objectives of Teacher Education

1.To impart knowledge about the subject

Though teachers have undergone enough education on the subject that they teach, a little extra will not do any harm. Every day, new things are discovered and since the world is changing at a rapid pace, there might be new theories and techniques that teachers need to pay attention to and teacher education will help in that.

2.To help them create a safe learning environment

Teacher education is not just about subject matter knowledge and textbook knowledge. It is beyond that. It helps teachers understand what kind of communication they should adopt in the classroom, what kind of learning environment to create, and likewise. For first time teachers and even for experienced teachers, a fresh perspective on how a classroom should be is a great way to reduce conflicts and confusion.

3.Understanding child psychology

As mentioned, every child is different and their way of learning is different. An understanding of the way a child’s mind work will help teachers to make learning effective. Teacher education will cover various aspects of child psychology and will give teachers a basic understanding of the same.

4.Reshaping the attitude towards teaching

Teaching is a divine profession and it is not just about talking about what the textbook says. Children look up to teachers and get inspired by the teachers. Teachers should feel responsible and must understand that they are shaping the future generation. Teacher education helps to convey this and mold the right attitude in teachers.

5.Problem management and Conflict resolution

Being a teacher is not an easy job. There are countless things that can go wrong in the classroom. From silly fights between students to grave misunderstandings, the issues can be many. Teachers must know how to tackle these issues and keep the decorum of the classroom intact. The concept of teacher education covers this realm.

6.Boosting Confidence in Teachers

Confidence is very important for teachers. They need to face a class full of students and then convey the concepts. Teacher education also talks about techniques with which teachers can boost their confidence. Teacher education helps teachers with body language and postures.

In addition to this, teacher education also helps teachers understand how they can use various visual aids and other teaching tools to increase and interest in the classroom.

Need for Teacher Education

Why is teacher education necessary? Teacher education is important because it helps teachers to develop their skills.

  • Developing skills- As mentioned earlier, teacher education helps to develop teacher’s skills such as communication and management. To build a strong classroom community it is important to have strong communication skills.
  • It helps to enhance knowledge about the students and parents.
  • Classroom management techniques become better and can be developed through teacher education
  • Teacher education helps with the necessary upskilling. For instance, teaching has now moved online. Technological know-how is necessary to ensure that online classes move seamlessly.
  • Teacher education introduces new teaching methodologies and strategies for teachers. Since every kid is different, different teaching strategies have to be employed in the classroom to ensure that learning is effective.


Parents expect their children to get a good quality education. In order to ensure quality education, we need qualified teachers who go beyond the set standards and go the extra mile. Teacher education programs are specially designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness inside the classroom.

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