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Teacher Transfer Portal

The teachers' transfer portal is a web-based system that promises transparency in the transfer for state teachers. Each state has its own teachers' transfer portal to suit the needs of the area. Before we dig into a teacher transfer portal, let us first understand an education portal.

An education portal is a uniquely designed website that offers users educational details, content, and academic information management.

The teacher transfer portal is an education portal that assists with relocating teachers from one government association to the other. Various states in India have launched this unique portal to manage and operate teacher transfers. These portals are designated 'Teacher Transfer Management Systems.'

Assam is one of the first states who started using this portal. The process is made as effortless as possible. When teachers need to apply for a transfer, all they need to do is upload details about their job into the portal to start the process. Teachers laud this initiative because the portal has made the entire transfer procedure easy and fair.

Reasons for starting Teacher Transfer Portal

The primary reason to start this portal is to ensure that allotment and recruitment of teachers are streamlined and done transparently. Many teachers have started using the portal because it provides them with a chance to select the school of their choice. With this portal, they will also be able to track the application progress and update their personal information.

Benefits of Teacher Transfer Portal

Here are some of the benefits that the system and teacher got because of this new portal-

  • You would be amazed to know that to date, more than 7,300 teachers have already benefited from this online transfer policy.
  • In the new 2021-22, regular teachers, education providers, computer teachers, EGS volunteers, STRs, and AITs will also be able to apply for online transfers through this portal.
  • There is great news that teachers working in border areas will also gain the advantage of this portal as fresh recruitments have also been done online by the government in the border areas.
  • Relieving employees, transferring orders, and joining at a new location will be done through this portal shortly.

How to submit the form for online teacher transfer?

Here are the details of submitting the form for online teacher transfer.

Teachers of every category of Government and Provincialised schools, starting from Lower Primary to Senior Secondary schools, who wish to get transferred to any other location can apply for it on the official website.

There are two methods to apply for the transfer in the online teacher transfer portal-

Technique 1- Service Profile Details

If you want to request a transfer or posting of a teacher, all you need to do is register and submit your service profile details in the portal within the specified period given by the government. The request will go further once you provide the service profile details. Here you can provide the options of locations where you wish to get transferred to.

You can start the process by-

·  First, you need to go to the "Important Web-Link" section

·  After that, select the 'Submit service profile' link for submitting the form

·  Now, you will be able to see the authorized portal

·  Hit enter on the create account button

·  It will ask for various details that you need to fill in, such as name, gender, email id, mobile number, and choose any password of your choice and click on the submit button.

·  You will now have to choose the 'Submit service profile' link and sign in to the teacher transfer portal by clicking the login button.

·  Once you log in, they will ask you to fill in your details; there will be 11 divisions-

Ø School details (Elementary/ Secondary)

Ø Academic Qualification

Ø Service Particulars

Ø Personal Details

Ø Salary Accounts & Other Authorised Account information

Ø Professional & Other Qualification

Ø Award Received

Ø Service Records

Ø Promotion Details and

Ø Other Details.

Ø Supporting Documents to upload

Once you fill in all the details required, click on the submit button.

Documents required to attach with the form

Here are the documents that are obligatory to present for transfer and posting of teachers to their chosen locations-

Ø TET Mark Sheet cum Certificate

Ø Appointment Letter

HSSLC Mark sheet

Ø Graduation Mark sheet

Ø D. El Ed. or B. Ed Mark sheet

Ø Proof of Date of Birth

Teachers who joined before 3rd Sep 2001 need not upload Graduation Mark sheet and TET Mark sheet cum Certificate.

Ensure that the documents you upload should not be more than 300KB. You also ought to upload one passport-sized photo and a duplicate of the scanned signature.

Method 2- Mutual Transfer Application

Teachers who have submitted their service profile details need to enroll for the online mutual transfer application form; this is the procedure-

·  Open the Important Web-links

·  Hit enter on the Online Mutual Transfer Application link

·  It will automatically open the official portal

·  Now, you need to log in by putting in your username and password.

You can apply for the transfer in two ways by mutual transfer application-

Teachers who have Co-applicant can apply for mutual transfer by providing Aadhaar No./ PAN No./ Teacher Code. It is a mandate for the co-applicant to render consent for mutual transfer.

Teachers without co-applicants can apply for Mutual transfer asking for some co-applicant in three distinct choices in order of priority.

Now, all you need to do is submit the form.

Teacher Transfer Portal Assam

Assam is one of the first states in the country to start with this portal. The Assam government introduced this portal intending to revamp the quality of education and hoard better Pupil-Teacher Ratio in schools. The education department of Assam chose to alter the introductory method of transfer of teachers from offline to online. This online portal is named the "Teacher Transfer Management" system, i.e., TTMS.

With the help of this portal, teachers from all categories of government or provincialized schools from primary to senior secondary schools can register the request. All they need to do is provide their service profile details in the web portal for seamless transfer applications and other services.


The teacher transfer portals have been opened to standardize the transfer process of teachers across the country. Teachers are hoping that more states will adopt this initiative as the offline method is tedious and time-consuming and can be biased.

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