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Teaching 200+Students With The Help Of Teachmint!

Sapna Singh Sikerwar is one of the most loved Science teachers of Dholpur’s (Rajasthan). With over seven years of teaching experience, Sapna ma’am is successfully winning the hearts of students. She is extremely talented and her knowledge about her subject is beyond wonderful. She holds a master’s degree in Science from a renowned university. She started her teaching journey right after finishing her formal education, and has been growing each day since then. Sapna ma’am is extremely passionate about her work and loves teaching with all her heart.

“ Teaching is more than a source of income for me, it is my passion, my constant source of inspiration, or my first love to keep it short. I love interacting with my students, bringing the best out of them, and helping them grow. Whenever I get an opportunity, I like having a conversation with my students. They help me see the world differently, I have a new perspective of things when I see it from their point of view.”

Sapna ma’am teaches at  RPS Cambrian School. , a renowned school in Dholpur. What attracted her to become an online teacher was the uncountable benefits of online teaching. She was glad that with the help of online teaching she could help her students gain extra knowledge. Her teaching was no longer confined to using books as resources, she could use multiple websites, creative PPTs, or digital presentations to help her students understand the concepts better. Sapna ma’am used multiple teaching platforms to continue with online teaching, but nothing stood up to her expectations. All the applications had one or other limitations and she was not able to teach efficiently. On her friend’s suggestion, she installed Teachmint and her experience has been amazing. Sapna ma’am is now teaching more than two hundred students on Teachmint and here is what she has to say about the app-

“ Teachmint has changed the meaning of online teaching for me. All I do now is look for new strategies for teaching my students, Teachmint takes care of everything else. I have been teaching online for a very long time now, but the convenience & comfort I experience now, I have never experienced before. I am extremely grateful to Teachmint for making my life so much easier and online teaching more fun for both me and my students.”

She also shared her mantra of being a good teacher. She says that a teacher should try to understand the psychology or needs of their students. How they like to study, what strategies or concepts work better for them, etc. She believes that when teachers try to understand the needs of their students, the students also give their best in understanding their teacher. She says that a teacher should always maintain a balance between being strict and being friendly with the students.

“ Initially, I was very strict with my students, but gradually I realized that being a teacher does not mean being strict all the time. I was preparing for a government exam and I read a few books on child psychology. My perspective and behavior as a teacher has completely changed since then. I now try to understand  my students and react accordingly. I have seen a marked change in my students’ performance and learning”

Teachmint is super proud to share the story of Sapna ma’am, teachers like her inspire Teachmint to grow each day. We wish her all the success and heights in the world.

Happy Teaching!

Teachmint is keen on changing the future of education with its advanced LMS and ERP tools. With more than 20+ modules for educational institutions like admission management, attendance management system, performance management, and more; it is changing the teaching-learning experience.

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