Teachmint Changemakers

Teachmint Changemakers

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As Heraclitus rightfully said, change is the only constant. Our lives are in a constant state of flux as we adapt and evolve with the technology of the times, revolutionizing every industry out there.

There are a lot of schools out there, and the very infrastructure of those schools is changing to suit these changing times. Teaching and school management have undergone a complete makeover, transitioning from the traditional paper-based school management system to a completely digital one. This change has flipped the entire premise of managing a school on its head, simplifying it, and making it easier while also reducing the workforce required to do so. Today, that revolution has arrived at the doorstep of education technology, and Teachmint is at the forefront to lead it.

Introducing Changemakers, our effort to showcase & appreciate the people who saw this trend coming and took the step to champion this change. Changemakers is Teachmintโ€™s initiative to recognize the tireless contribution of the various Principals, school owners, trustees, etc., who not only pull the strings on each level but also revere the strength of the strings themselves that make it possible.

Let us take a look at how Springfields Public School is spearheading the change with Teachmint:

Teachmint Changemakers

With the help of Teachmintโ€™s integrated school platform, schools can now automate almost all of the laborious tasks that otherwise are time-consuming and strenuous. Everything from fee management, attendance management, and admission management to increasing student engagement in the classroom, building a website for your school and so much more are all automated.

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