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Teachmint National Olympiad

“When solving problems, dig at the roots, not at the leaves.”

Aptitude is what characterizes the analytical and applicational ability of an individual. A structured assessment to measure the same not only motivates individuals but also defines their trajectory.

The Teachmint National Olympiad is the best way to test your aptitude and take home exceptional prizes! It is rightly said that success doesn’t come to you, you have got to go to it, and the Teachmint National Olympiad is the way to go.

What is the Teachmint National Olympiad?

The Teachmint National Olympiad is a national-level examination open to students across the country. The Olympiad aims to assess the logical reasoning and aptitude skills of the students. If you are astute and crafty, this is for you!


The exam will be conducted on the 30th of December. Students can choose between the two slots given below:

Morning slot: 11:00 AM to 11:40 AM

Evening slot: 5:00 PM to 5:40 PM

Students need to choose only one slot, but if you appear for both the exams, the best score out of the two attempts will be considered. The medium of instruction will be English.

How to Attempt the Olympiad?

  1. Open the Teachmint app.
  2. You will be able to find a classroom titled “Teachmint National Olympiad”
  3. Open the classroom and click on the Tests tab, you will be able to attempt the test during the designated time slots on December 30th.
  4. You can also click on the homework tab to practice for the Olympiad as and when the administrators upload material and get an understanding of the test.


To recognize and appreciate the efforts of all the National and State toppers, they will be awarded the following as per their ranks.

National topper


Rank 2-20 (National Level)

Samsung phone

State-level toppers

Samsung phone

Rank 21-30 (National Level)

Mi Band

In addition to the above-mentioned prizes, the toppers (Rank 1-50) would also be getting Teachmint T-shirts and Certificates of Excellence stating their National or State rank.

We do not want to leave any stone unturned and want to make sure that all the efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. The hard work and endeavors of teachers cannot be stressed enough and here’s what the teachers stand to win from the Teachmint National Olympiad:

  1. The teacher with the highest number of students participating in the Olympiad will be awarded a brand new iPad.
  2. The teacher of the national topper will be awarded a brand new iPad.
  3. One teacher from each Indian State with the highest sum of scores of their 5 best performing students will receive a Pentab (explained in detail towards the end of this blog)

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible, a student must be a part of at least one Teachmint classroom with a teacher before 4:30 PM, Dec 30th, 2021. Note that students who are not part of a classroom shall not be considered as active students and therefore will be ineligible for enrollment in the Teachmint National Olympiad.
  • All the eligible students and teachers will be notified via notifications on the Teachmint Android app. Please ensure that you have the application installed on your Android device with notifications enabled. Click here to go to the app.


Q. I am a teacher and would like to invite my students to participate in the Olympiad post this announcement. Are we eligible?

A: Yes. You can still create a classroom and invite your students to install Teachmint and join your classroom. All students that are part of a classroom by 30th Dec 2021, 4:30 PM will automatically be eligible for the Olympiad.

Q: I am a student but I am not part of a classroom because none of my teachers are on Teachmint. How can I become eligible for the Olympiad?

A: Invite your teachers to Teachmint and share the link to download the Teachmint app. Request them to add classrooms and invite you and your classmates to join. We recommend that you walk your teachers through the features of Teachmint to help them understand how to use the app, conduct Live Classes, administer and automatically evaluate tests, assign homework, and use 10 lakh+ questions from the question bank to digitize their classroom.

Q: How does the third teacher prize work?

A: If 10 students from your class participate in the test, Teachmint will add the top 5 test scores of the 10 students. The teacher with the highest “Best of 5” score in their respective state shall be considered a winner. Please note that Indian State locations are derived using IP addresses of the users during their sign up process and may be prone to minor inaccuracies

Do not wait any longer, head on to the app and start practicing for the Teachmint National Olympiad!

All the best!

Teachmint is the leading ed-infra provider helping educational institutions improve their efficiency. With our offerings like LMS, attendance management, fee management system, and more, institutes can boost their productivity multifold.

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