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Live Classroom Infrastructure- An Overview

We have seen a dynamic shift in the education industry. The classrooms of today and tomorrow have transformed beyond the physical space. Now, educators and ed-tech companies can leverage the internet to reach their students. The one-on-one interactions with students have shifted to virtual classrooms. It increases collaboration and personalizes the teaching experience.

Today teachers and students are leveraging live classes to conduct daily learning sessions. Live classes give the control in a teacher’s hand and help them decide the learning objective. Moreover, they customize the learning pace to suit the needs of every student. Therefore, creating a robust infrastructure to support online classes is vital. Various ed-tech companies are taking advantage of the latest technology to benefit students and teachers. The ed-tech sector is estimated to grow at a CAGR of around 17% during 2021-2027. The immense growth will likely create new learning opportunities for learners and educators. Furthermore, the use of technologies like video conferencing has added to the growth in this sector.

Let us take a look at how different technologies can help educators and learners.

How can video conferencing benefit the teachers and learners?

Video conferencing provides the following benefits to teachers and students:

  • Collaboration

Schools can use web conferencing software to conduct training, webinars, meetings, etc. Hundreds of attendees can join these sessions at a single time. Moreover, it also provides interactive whiteboard and screen sharing features for easy collaboration.

  • Live conferencing

Live conferencing helps students attend lectures from any part of the globe. Moreover, teachers can make the class interactive using this feature.

  • Schedule classes on time

Teachers can schedule classes at their convenience. Video conferencing allows them flexibility while conducting online classes. Moreover, they can create a personalized learning experience for their students.

  • Live session recording

Teachers can record live sessions to provide ease to their students. These sessions can be reviewed later by students to understand complex topics.

Video conferencing software has made online learning collaborative and interactive for students and teachers. Therefore, it is vital to use this technology to enhance the learning experience.

Why embedding video calls on mobile apps and websites is crucial for ed-tech companies?

Providing an unmatched user experience is vital for the growth and scalability of any business. Unfortunately, none of the companies wants to give up control over the user experience by sending visitors to third-party applications. However, ed-tech companies can enhance the user experience by enabling live classes within their website and mobile apps through Teachstack.

Teachstack helps ed-tech companies integrate live classroom infrastructure with minimal effort. Moreover, it provides low bandwidth support to conduct online classes without hindrance. Teachstack is designed on mobile-first philosophy to offer a native experience. In addition, it has inbuilt analytics to measure students' engagement and performance.

It has been noted that the negative user experience can hamper a brand's reputation. Moreover, one out of three customers is likely to abandon a brand after a single negative interaction. Therefore, ed-tech companies must provide a seamless transition between customer touchpoints. As a result, providing an excellent user experience in just a click should be a priority for the companies. Moreover, it is vital to deliver high-quality audio and video features for interactive classrooms.

How can ed-tech companies use Teachstack to power live classes?

Live lessons make the classes interactive. Moreover, live sessions aid synchronous learning and help teachers see the students and assess them directly during the lectures. It also provides scope for doubt clearing and increases engagement. In short, live classes create a similar environment as offline classes. These facilities are unavailable in recorded lectures as it facilitates one-way learning.

Synchronous learning helps the student learn together. They follow the same learning path and help each other in the journey. Moreover, they are carefully instructed by their teachers during the learning process. With Teachstack’s live classroom infrastructure, educators and learners can enjoy the benefits of offline learning in a virtual setup.

Synchronous learning offers various advantages, including:

  • Reduced cost and improved ROI
  • Flexibility and freedom
  • Collaborative, interactive, and engaged learning
  • Community building
  • Enhanced learning outcomes

Edtech startups can use Teachstack's live class technology to empower their students. They can create a holistic learning ecosystem by leveraging this technology stack. With Teachstack, educational startups can provide classroom solutions to numerous students all over the globe.

Teachstack can reduce the go-to-market time for edtech businesses. Moreover, its state-of-the-art plug-and-play live classes make the session interactive for students and teachers.

How is Teachstack different from other players in the market?

The differentiating features of Teachstack include:

  • Live classroom infrastructure

Live sessions provide an offline experience in online learning. These sessions allow synchronous learning and help in the overall development of students. However, it is vital to have robust technology to support live learning. Teachstack enables classrooms to go online and create a holistic learning experience. The easy-to-integrate plug-and-play solution helps educators go live in no time.

  • Automated attendance

Teachstack provides automated attendance and helps teachers to enhance their productivity. As the teachers do not have to spend time on repetitive tasks, they can focus on the curriculum. Moreover, they can modify the learning pedagogy for the overall development of every student.

  • Engagement tools for teachers

Teachers can track students’ engagement and performance to enhance the learning experience. Moreover, they can customize the pace of learning to suit every student’s needs. The analytical tools also provide insight into the learning pedagogy.

  • Interactive whiteboard

Teachstack provides an easy-to-use whiteboard and allows an offline experience in the online classrooms. The interactive whiteboard allows students to understand, learn, and interact with the learning materials.

  • Student management tools

Keeping an eye on students’ activities was easier in the offline sessions. However, with Teachstack, teachers can track and manage their students’ activities in online classes.

  • Live quiz and chat

Live quizzes and polls are a fun way to enhance the learning experience. Moreover, real-time messaging improves coordination in the class. With Teachstack, teachers can increase engagement and solve students’ doubts in real-time.

  • Live streaming

Teachers can stream online classes on live streaming and social media platforms with Teachstack.

These features provide a smooth learning experience to students and simultaneously help teachers to modify the learning pedagogy.

Ed-tech companies must value technology while creating a holistic learning environment for students and teachers. However, it is equally important to enter the market at the right time. Online education has a multi-dimensional scope, and it is the right time to transform the education sector. With Teachstack, ed-tech startups can reduce their go-to-market time and tap the unexplored potential in this sector. Likewise, the right technology helps other stakeholders like administrators and parents.

Administrators can track and improve the quality of online classes by leveraging insightful analytics. Moreover, the unmatched user experience of Teachstack improves student concentration and retention during live classes. The improved learning experience shows an apparent effect on their academic performance. In addition, parents can also stay connected to the learning journey of their kids.  

Teachmint offers the most sophisticated integrated school platform for the 21st century, bringing together the most effective elements of teaching, learning, and management together under a single roof. To know more about our features like performance management system, visit our website! Explore the range of our offerings like the lms portal.

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