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The Role of Educational Administration in School


Educational administration is a discipline that is tasked with the examination of the administrative theory and practice of education. It gives special attention to educational institutions and educators in particular activities. This field ideally distinguishes itself from management and administration through its adherence to guiding principles of educational philosophy.

The role of educational administration is far beyond what meets the eye. Given below are some of the most profound roles educational administration has to play in an educational institution.

Personality Development

Since educational administration is a process of human relationship, it is much more controlled and influenced by the various factors that are vital for having smooth administration of an educational program. These are

  • Philosophical
  • Psychological
  • Sociological
  • Historical
  • Political

Therefore, it is necessary to highlight that educational administration stands in a different crowd as compared to other types of administration as it considers every human resource as an asset and valuable potential through which they can ensure their fundamental personality development. Therefore, the development of human personality must be the first and foremost function of educational administration.

Promote Active Learning

It is an almost established fact in today’s educational theory and practices that the child or education is the main character of every educational program. It should therefore be the responsibility of the educational administration to create rules for promotion and admission for the students and to make them accountable for their studies. The management must be able to offer them the opportunity to take the matter of studies increasingly into their own hands and become independent learners capable of functioning adequately in the absence of a teacher to assist them through the process.

Provide Adequate Physical Facilities

The educational administration needs to pay deep insight into the problems of provision and maintenance of play materials, equipment, hostel building, library, and other co-curricular activities, etc. Without these facilities, the administration of any given educational institution will not be a successful one.

It is a usual practice to set a few rules and regulations for every institution in the joint venture of the competent authorities and the legal advisors dealing in the concerned field. The same situation occurs in the field of educational administration.

In this field, the following have been set as per requirement:

  • Types and standards of educational institutions
  • Powers and functions of the controlling authorities
  • The responsibilities and obligations of the controlling authorities

It is hence the task of the educational administration to see whether these works are being done as per the set rules and regulations meant for them.

Ensuring Proper Utilisation of Human and Material Resources

Before organizing any educational program, it must be the foremost responsibility of the educational authority to involve and participate in all the available human resources directly or indirectly involved in this process. Due to their activeness and readiness, they will be able to make use of the material resources properly. For this purpose, it is the responsibility of the administration to make sure that all the parts are coordinated in harmony towards a whole.

To Deal With the Problem of Curriculum Construction

The curriculum is the means by which the goals of an educational program can be realized at one point and the students become viable members of society to achieve their goals and aspirations of life at another point. Hence, the curriculum of any academic or educational institution should be appropriate and perfect which creates a problem in the educational process, which, in turn, can be solved by proper effective educational administration.

Financial Decision Making

The educational system needs to contribute to the national economy in the long run by improving human and material resources. For this, however, it is the responsibility of the educational administration to be concerned with the following things as its functions:

  • To make decisions with respect to the sharing of the cost of education among the center and the states.
  • To frame rules for the budgeting, spending, and controlling of the funds and resources available to the school
  • To make sure that education is being provided by making use of the financial and human resources available within the country.
  • The problem of income and expenditure, their accounting and auditing.
  • To make sure that education is duly financed in order to provide equality of opportunity within the field of education.
  • Provide special group facilities for libraries, reading rooms, and physical activities.

Keep and Maintain Co-Operation with Society

Education should be able to maintain a healthy relationship with society. It is the function of educational administration to cooperate with members of society to provide optimal socially responsible education. Only then will the educational administration of any institution be truly meaningful, because education is primarily a social affair and the educational institution may be a school or a college charged by society, to train and bring up the youth. Hence, it cannot be considered an isolated activity - it is related to life and society. To make society worth living, educational administration should be able to develop proper co-operation with society.


Hence, it can be seen that the educational system weighs an awful lot on the educational administration, and has a lot riding on it. It is the responsibility of the administration, therefore, to make sure that the functioning of any given educational institution goes smoothly and seamlessly without any hiccups along the way.

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