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Tips to Create a Good Teacher Portfolio

What is a Teacher Portfolio?

While applying for a teaching job, a candidate must be skilled and well qualified for the role. Along with the educational qualifications, the recruiters also give importance to the teacher portfolio. Unlike in earlier times, the recruiters expect the candidates to present their practical work irrespective of the field they choose. However, a majority of teaching candidates don't know much about the same. Worry not, this article will help you in having a clear understanding of the teaching portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of documents and resources that simply indicates the quality of a teacher's experience and performance. In simple words, a teaching portfolio is a collection of assets that present evidence of an individual's teaching experience and success, such as student learning statistics, thoughts on thinking, and professional development experiences. These achievements and evidence are different for each professional as they are clearly based on the individual's teaching philosophy, specific courses taught, learnings, and experience. In other words, a portfolio can be described as a detailed resume of a professional that speaks a lot about them.

Tips to Make a Good Teacher Portfolio

1- Keep it crisp- The teachers should keep the teacher portfolio very crisp and informative. Overloading the portfolio with excessive information will only confuse the recruiters and make the selection process difficult for you. However, adding to the portfolio to the point will help the recruiters identify your strengths easily. It will also leave a good impression of you on them.
2- Include relevant experience- Mentioning relevant experience in the portfolio is an extremely crucial step. The recruiters generally look for top educators with good teaching experience in the same field. Avoid mentioning the experiences that are irrelevant to your job role. Do not give the recruiters any chance of questioning your choices. On the other hand, mentioning relevant teaching experience is sure to give you an edge over the candidates with less experience. These little details can be the main reason behind your selection or rejection.
3- Be super honest- There is a very old saying, "honesty is the best policy", and it is very true, honesty is actually the best policy. While going for any job interview, the candidates should make sure that they do not lie to the recruiters in any form, neither verbally nor through the resume or portfolio. There are very high chances of the candidates getting blacklisted from the company if that lie unfolds. This one mistake of the candidates can also land them into big problems and leave a negative spot on their career graph. Therefore, it is advisable that the candidates keep their teacher portfolios very honest and real.
4- Add pictures- If someone tells you a story of the lion and the mouse, you will get the story well. However, if someone shows your relevant pictures of the incidents from that story, you will relate to the story even more. Similarly, adding pictures of the teaching journey can help the candidates in making their portfolios more interesting and relatable. Teachers can add pictures from the workshops they attended, seminars they gave, activities they conducted in the classroom, pictures with students, etc.
5- Add your vision and mantras- In order to present their ideas well to the recruitment panel, the teachers can also add their thoughts and vision as a teacher. They can add the teaching strategies they like, the teaching styles they like to follow, and the kind of idea they have of themselves as a teacher. Teachers can write paragraphs about what their students would possibly receive after enrolling in their classroom. This is one of the best practical approaches to making a good teacher portfolio.

Following these steps are sure to help the candidates in making a good teacher portfolio. Here are a few more things that the teachers can add to their job portfolio and make them more interesting-

  • Teachers can add their educational degrees like diplomas, certificates, mark sheets from school or college.
  • Adding documents like award certificates, reference letters, awards, testimonials, or letters of recommendation are also considered beneficial for the candidates.
  • Teachers can also add their work samples to the portfolio to give more insights into their work.
  • One of the most important documents in a teacher's portfolio is a copy of their updated resume or curriculum vitae.

Thank you for reading!

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