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Video as a Service: All You Need to Know

Ever since nations around the world initiated lockdowns to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, there has been a sudden spike in many video conferencing platforms' popularity. Nowadays, every remote service relies heavily on virtual platforms and attempts to keep pace with the changing technologies. The market for video conferencing app development and other cloud-based platforms is expanding rapidly.

What Exactly is VaaS and How Does it Work?

Video as a Service or VaaS can be understood as a managed service provider that provides video as a service (VaaS) by delivering multiparty or point-to-point video conferencing capabilities over an IP network. It falls under the bracket of Software as a Service (SaaS). The framework required for linked communication must be provided by the online video conferencing service. The host also keeps the communication channel open between all of the endpoints or concerned parties. These solutions need to be scalable along with being adaptable.

Consumers' expectations of VaaS have evolved significantly since the early days of video conferencing using the most basic software. What users today expect is the ability to consume services on demand. We are living in a time and era where interruption and confusion are a part of life. As a result, it goes without saying that remote work platforms must be more adaptable and scalable in order to deal with the emerging challenges. VaaS is a powerful tool for allowing individuals to work from just about anywhere. Video conferencing app development may seem like a tedious task, but with the right help and expertise, it would be a cakewalk.

Significance of Video Conferencing App Development in the Field of Teaching

Within the last few years, and especially post-pandemic the concept of traditional classroom education has shifted dramatically. To be physically present in a classroom is no longer the only way to learn — not with the advent of the internet and new technologies, at any rate. These days, you can get a good education whenever and wherever you want as long as you have access to the internet. We are all now entering a new phase — the virtual learning revolution.

The use of live video streaming API is increasing rapidly, video conferencing has become an essential part of modern life, assisting users in navigating the challenges of social distancing, remote work, and virtual education. Working remotely as well as online learning would be relevant and widespread in the future, so the extensive use of video conferencing has led to an increase in the use of video conferencing app development in daily life. The following reasons indicate the benefits of using a well-developed video conferencing platform for learning:-

  • Flexibility

Digital learning allows both the educators and learners to set their own learning pace, as well as the versatility of creating a schedule that works for everyone. As a result, using an online educational platform allows for a better balance of work and studies, so no sacrifices are required. Online learning teaches you important time management skills, that also make it easier to strike the right balance between work and education.

  • Synchronous virtual learning

It is believed that synchronous video conferencing not only improves online engagement rates by increasing interaction, but also enhances communication, close cooperation, and presence.

  • Easy accessibility

One of the major advantages of virtual education is that using a reliable platform enables the students to study or and teachers to teach from anywhere in the world. This eliminates the need to travel from one location to another or adhere to a strict schedule. Furthermore, it saves not only time but also money.

  • Enables customized learning

Online education is also adaptable to each student's unique needs and proficiency level. And when an EvaaS platform like the one that Teachmint offers is used which is unlike the other live streaming solutions, as it is curated with educators in mind. It gives an opportunity to the learners to explore tailor-made educational opportunities.

Striking Features of VaaS

  • Availability on demand

Users can access VaaS on-demand. One can expect a consistent and dependable service from a VaaS platform, whether in a one-on-one meeting or a large video conference, anytime anywhere. The host provides an infrastructure in which resources are grouped and shared to meet the needs of the users. You can expect consistent and dependable service from a VaaS platform, whether in a one-on-one meeting or a large video conference.

  • Rich viewing experience

A legitimate VaaS solution is highly preferred as it offers a rich video experience. This includes streaming video content with amazing clarity even while conducting large scale video conferences, as well as it provides a high definition audio experience.

  • Several data centers

It implies that any service disruptions caused by maintenance or outages will be negligible and close to none. All of this occurs in the background, and the end-user will not observe any disruptions.

  • Secure Network

The users can enjoy peace of mind as all forms of cybersecurity are established and maintained by the service providers and the service is enhanced and updated frequently.

  • Extensive Reach

Team members will be able to access services from just about anywhere in the world, and VaaS platforms will have different levels of interoperability. This means that businesses can select a platform that is compatible with the techniques and devices available.


All organizations, large and small, use video conferencing and collaboration to interact with the customers, clients, vendors, partners, employees, and others, but having a dependable and high-quality system can be costly. Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) has risen in popularity due to the cost-saving advantages as well as the potential to get high-performance software, HD quality video, and support delivered via the cloud, saving time, money, and other resources.

Teachmint is keen on changing the future of education with its advanced LMS and ERP tools. With more than 20+ modules for educational institutions like admission management, attendance management system, performance management, and more; it is changing the teaching-learning experience.

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