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World Environment Day and Fun Activities for This Day

“In the universe are billions of galaxies, in those galaxies are billions of planets, but there is only one Earth.”

This adage speaks a lot about the importance of planet Earth. To encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment, every year the 5th of June is celebrated as World Environment Day. This day was first celebrated in 1973 and since then, it has been a platform for raising awareness against climate change and other environmental issues like marine pollution, unexpected growth in human population, global warming, wildlife crimes, and sustainable consumption. Over 150 countries use this platform to raise concerns and take steps for environmental protection. Every year, this platform decides a theme or forum for government and non-governmental organizations and businesses to advocate environmental issues. World Environment Day is a global platform that encourages positive change in the environment.

Every year, one of the countries takes the responsibility to host the World Environment Day. This year, the responsibility is taken up by Sweden. The day will serve as an opportunity to showcase some of Sweden’s work in the area of environmental protection. It will cover stories and short videos on the work done by Sweden over the past 50 years towards environmental concerns.

How can students help in solving environmental concerns?

Global warming, air and water pollution, deforestation, ozone layer depletion, and many more are the major environmental concerns. However, these issues may get resolved if we start taking more eco-conscious steps. On this World Environment Day, students can take a pledge to work collaboratively towards reducing environmental concerns. Some of the steps that can be taken by them are:

  • Using reusable items. For example, instead of plastic bottles and straws, glass bottles and steel straws can be used.
  • Minimizing the use of paper. Moreover, the focus should be on using recycled paper.
  • Conserving water and electricity by switching off the fan and turning off water taps when not in need.
  • Supporting environmentally friendly practices.
  • Reducing, reusing, and recycling waste.

Taking one step at a time can bring a positive impact on the environment.

Activities for students on World Environment Day

World Environment Day is a platform that encourages people to take action to protect the environment and resolve the existing environmental problems. To make students realize the importance of this day, teachers can take the help of the following fun activities.

Connect with nature

The best way to celebrate World Environment Day is by connecting with nature. Teachers can take kids to a nearby park or zoo and help them explore the beauty of nature. It allows them to explore the untouched parts of nature, and they look at the changes closely. Moreover, children can take pictures of nature. Teachers can also ask questions to students about different animal and plant species.

Scavenger hunt

Students can learn a lot about nature by walking around a park or other open spaces. Moreover, they can record nature without disturbing it. Some of the activities that they can perform are:

  1. Drawing pictures of flowers and plants
  2. Spotting birds
  3. Collecting litter and throwing them into the dustbin
  4. Taking pictures or writing down the names of animals they spot

Grow plants with seed jars

Encourage kids to make their seed jars for this activity. Provide them with water, paper towels, a jar, and some seeds of their choice. Ask them to grow their plants using the provided resources. For this activity, students can place the paper towel inside jars. They can pour some water into the jar and put the seeds inside them. After a couple of weeks, students can see live plants growing inside the jar.

Build an eco-friendly bird feeder

Students can build a bird feeder from cardboard to attract birds. It is a simple activity that does not require many resources. Students can use string, scissors, bird seeds, bamboo skewer, and cardboard tubes to make a bird feeder.

Learn how to compost

Every household produces a lot of bio waste, and students can use this bio waste to learn composting. This organic material can be added to plants to support their growth. Students can collect fruits and vegetable peels, eggshells, tea bags, newspapers, and other bio waste to make compost. To perform this activity, students require soil, a compost bin with a lid, and plant and kitchen waste. One thing that they should remember is to turn over the compost with a shovel as it decomposes.

Learn recycling techniques

Make students eager to learn the ways to solve the environmental crisis. Teachers can help students understand how they can sort different recyclables. Show them the techniques to separate plastics, metals, cardboard, and glass. They can use different bins to collect the segregated waste.

Make a garden

Teachers can help students understand what they can do to build their gardens. They can help students select the best plants for their garden. Moreover, they can provide kids with ideas for building container gardens.

Create hanging gardens

Students can use glass or plastic bottles to make hanging gardens. It will help them reuse the bottles. Teachers can show videos and other resources to students to equip them with the idea of building a hanging garden.

Take a pledge

Teachers can make their students take a pledge to save the environment and reduce the wastage of resources. They can take any pledge ranging from reducing wastage to using energy-efficient lights, bulbs, and other electronic devices.

World Environment Day is celebrated by millions of people across the globe to encourage environmental protection. Every year, many people participate in the events online or in person. Together, we should try to make the world a better place by trying to resolve environmental concerns.

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