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World Music Day & The Importance of Music in Education

World Music Day is observed on 21st June every year to promote and encourage young musicians to follow their passion for music. The day also encourages musicians to play their favorite instruments and enjoy the virtue of music. This day is also known by the name Music Day or Make Music Day. World Music Day is celebrated in more than 120 countries across the world, and free public concerts are organized at various places. Young and aspiring musicians use parks, stadiums, and other public spots to spread their love for music. The festival was first celebrated in 1982 in France. On this day, the French minister of art and culture started the Fête de la Musique in France. This global music festival aims to encourage veterans and budding musicians and make music accessible to all.

Why do we celebrate World Music Day?

World Music Day is another way of appreciating musicians and other people related to the music industry. The day is marked to thank singers and musicians for their contribution to the field of music. Every year the day is celebrated under a particular theme. This year, the theme selected for this musical day is ‘Music on the Intersections’.

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Top Music Events on 21st June

Like every year, various events are being organized across the globe to mark the celebration of World Music Day. Some of the prominent music events are:

  • Musical event by Symphony Orchestra: This event is going to be held in Mumbai, and people will get to enjoy a 36-piece orchestra.
  • Fête de la Musique: This event is being organized in France, where multiple bands and musicians will come together to perform. During the celebration, the public transport system in France also offers discounted tickets to all travelers.
  • World Music Day Concert: This event is going to be held in Dimapur, Nagaland. The event is being organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Guwahati Horizon Series, and Task Force for Music and Arts.

Various other musical events are also happening across the globe. Individuals can attend those music festivals to understand the significance of music and performing arts. Music is a creative field, and children should also be introduced to this subject. To bring them closer to the magic of music, schools should introduce this performing art as a subject. Students will receive multiple benefits from attending music classes. It can soothe their soul and calm their mind.

Benefits of Music Classes in School

The benefits of attending music classes are given below.

  • Breaks boredom

Continuous studies may seem dull for students. They might lose interest in their studies. Music can break the monotony and provide leisure to students. It is a great way to relax the mind and calm the senses.

  • Supports language development

As students need to work on their speech and conversation skills during the music classes, they are more likely to develop their language skills. The part of the brain that works on language skills also takes care of the music. That is why there is a close relationship between music, learning, and languages. Moreover, it also helps students develop their reading skills.

  • Way to cope with stress

Stress is a part of everyday life. Even students feel pressure because of their busy schedules. Music can help them overcome everyday stress; thus preventing various physical and mental imbalances. Moreover, the classes help students relax by synchronizing with the beats and as a result, they feel good.

  • Better problem-solving approach

It has been noted that music and mathematics go hand in hand. That means it develops the cognitive abilities of students. As a result, it has been observed that students who enjoy music are also good at problem-solving.

  • Creative thinking

No doubt, music enhances the creative thinking abilities of students. Moreover, it helps them enhance their creativity and promote harmony.

  • Enhances memory

All of us have a favorite tracklist. Most of us also remember the lines of our favorite songs. The same is also true for students. Music is helpful for students as it enhances their memorization skills. They can retain information for a longer period because of music.

The above-mentioned benefits of music can only be achieved if students attend music lectures dedicatedly. Moreover, it also keeps them aligned with their tasks, and they can study with great enthusiasm.

Music Activities for Students

To celebrate World Music Day, teachers can encourage students to participate in various activities. Some of the activities that students can perform are:

  • Dancing

Dancing is an activity that enhances rhythm, movement, and coordination in anyone who performs this activity. Students can use dancing as a way to express themselves.

  • Singing

Singing helps students develop their tone, pitch, and rhythm. Singing is also a way to enhance language and conversation skills in students.

  • Musical instruments

Playing musical instruments is one of the best ways to release stress. Moreover, it develops coordination and concentration in students.

  • Musical drama

Participating in drama is one of the ways to express emotions. Students can perform musical dramas to celebrate World Music Day.

These are some of the ways to celebrate music and mark the importance of musicians in everyday life. On this World Music Day, tune into your favorite playlist and dedicate the day to happiness.

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