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15 Must have Features in School ERP

A few years ago, educational institutions were unaware of the uses of LMS and ERP portals in the education sector. As a result, they used to manage all their academic and non-academic work manually. But things have changed in the past few years and institutions have realized the importance of using an ERP and LMS system to provide the best to students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders. With the help of school ERP systems, institutes can streamline their processes and handle tasks more efficiently. For ease of work, a school ERP must have certain basic features. To receive the maximum benefits from a school management system, educational institutions must look at the must-have features mentioned below.

Must-have Features in a School ERP

Easy collection of fees

Fee collection is a crucial task for every educational institution. Usually, school staff witness a long queue of parents and students at fee counters. Such situations create chaos and make the task less manageable. All these hassles and a lot more can be avoided by using school ERP. When selecting a school ERP, admins must look at the fee management module. They must choose a system that makes fee collection easier for them. Furthermore, the module must support various methods of fee collection, including online and card payments. Also, the system must be capable of generating detailed fee reports that can be accessed anytime. Various institutes offer scholarships and other benefits to students. However, managing different fee categories may require a lot of time and effort from the side of the staff. A fee management system manages different fee categories and makes fee collection effortless. Also, the system sends timely reminders to parents and students and notifies them about the upcoming payment cycle.

Proper examination management

Exams are crucial for every student as it helps teachers analyze students' learning curve and how they are grasping the lessons taught in the classroom. The task of analyzing students’ learning and giving them the best learning experience becomes easier with the help of an LMS portal. Likewise, a school ERP is essential to conduct assessments effortlessly. With the help of an exam planner, teachers can set up exam schedules and fasten the evaluation process. Moreover, they can ensure the overall growth and development of students. When choosing a school ERP system, school admins must focus on the systems offering exam planners as a feature. The exam planner should be able to keep a record of all examinations, including theory and practical papers. Exam planners also reduce the workload of teachers and give them the time to work on their teaching methods. When teachers have more time in hand, they can spare that time on improving their productivity and efficiency.

Admission process

Getting their child admitted to one of the best educational institutions is a priority for every parent. However, the traditional system of admission takes time and requires a lot of back and forth. Moreover, parents need to make multiple visits to schools to know about the application status. All these activities are inconvenient for parents and students. The school ERP system can solve all these problems and a lot more with its usability and features. The admission management system provides admission-related information to parents and other stakeholders in a few clicks. Moreover, it also provides relevant information about all students in a few clicks. With the help of an efficient admission management module, schools can retain top performers.

Thorough attendance

Another feature of a school ERP is tracking the attendance of every stakeholder. A school management system uses various techniques to collect the attendance metrics of students. The RFID system and biometrics are a few techniques through which attendance can be recorded. An automated attendance software reduces discrepancy in recording attendance and provides the correct data to students and school admins. Moreover, admins can view the attendance percentage of students through an interactive dashboard. A few ERP systems also inform parents about the attendance of their children. As a result, parents are well-informed if their child is attending school.

Student management

With the help of school ERP, teachers and admins get real-time information on students’ performance. They can use the system to understand if students are learning in the right direction. Moreover, teachers can share learning materials and other educational resources with students in real-time. By providing access to the best study guides, teachers can enhance the learning experience of students and introduce them to new concepts. Moreover, they can help their students use their skills to the maximum potential.

Website builder

Websites are the face of any institute that informs individuals about their work, objectives, goals, and other information. School ERP contains a separate module that helps institutes create their own website. With the help of this tool, educational institutions can enhance their digital presence to gain more visibility. Also, institutes can expand their reach and make themselves visible to more candidates and parents. Moreover, existing students and parents can get information about recent happenings and upcoming events. A website also serves as a way to communicate with the outer world.

Communication module

Establishing a safe and secure communication pathway is vital for every educational institution. As they need to share information with parents, teachers, students, and other stakeholders, a communication module becomes a prerequisite. Moreover, effective communication is essential to ensure transparency within the educational institution. With school ERP, teachers can send real-time notifications and messages to parents. Furthermore, parents can contact teachers to know the progress of their child. They don’t need to wait for the parent-teacher meeting to communicate with teachers to get insights into their child’s learning progress.

Academic management

Educational institutions can automate academic processes like report card generation and the creation of rank boards using school ERP. Moreover, teachers can use the system to plan their classes and provide maximum benefits to their students.

Parent portal

The parent portal keeps parents engaged with the learning process of children. Moreover, the portal comes in multiple languages to provide ease to parents. They can receive exam reports and stay connected with teachers with the help of this portal.

Transport management system

Every parent is concerned about their child’s safety when they are traveling to and back from school. A school ERP system tracks the live location of vehicles and keeps parents updated about their child’s location. The transport management system sends notifications to parents in case of delays. Moreover, it also manages vehicle insurance and driver's profile.

Library management

Managing all learning resources, books, and other library materials is vital to enrich students’ knowledge. The library management module of school ERP helps in searching, finding, and issuing books properly. Moreover, it keeps a track of all books available in the school library at a particular time.

Cloud facilitation

A school ERP system must be backed by cloud technology. It enables huge data storage, and the concerned authorities can access the information easily. Moreover, cloud facilities provide ease when looking for a specific set of information.

Performance management

Tracking students’ performance may seem a lengthy process. Teachers need to look at various parameters that require a great amount of time and attention. However, with a performance management system, teachers can look at automated reports to evaluate students’ performance. Also, they can provide reviews and suggestions based on the performance. Such steps ensure the learning and growth of students.

Hostel management

Many schools provide hostel facilities to students. However, the task of allocating rooms and wardens may be time-consuming for school staff. With the school ERP system, institutes can manage hostel admissions, room allotment, warden allotment, and various other operations effortlessly.

User management

The user management module of a school ERP helps an institute in keeping the workforce well structured. Moreover, it also takes care of the overall processes so the learning outputs can be maximized.

The above-mentioned are the most sought-after features of a school ERP system. School admins must look at the features mentioned above when deciding on school management software. With the help of modules like fee and attendance management, transportation and hostel management, and communication facilities, all stakeholders gain transparency and remain involved in the development and growth of students.

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