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3 Techniques to Enhance Teachers' Productivity

Teaching needs dedication and constant attention on the parts of both teachers and students. However, maintaining your productivity throughout the process may not be possible every day. At times, you might feel low on energy and cannot focus on providing the best to your students. Having time management skills may come in handy at those points. Here are the top 3 techniques that can help you enhance your productivity.

Techniques to Enhance Productivity

The top techniques that might work for you and help you provide the best to your students are:

Personal kanban

It is one of the most effective tools to manage your personal and professional commitments. It is a Japanese technique for managing and improving work across human systems. Kanban is typically used in manufacturing to improve productivity and handle bottlenecks. This technique was popularized by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria in their book. You can use this technique to focus on the things you should be doing at a particular time. Moreover, the technique is also favorable in knowing how much work you should be taking at a given time.

How does personal kanban work?

The first step towards including this technique in your everyday work is to create a personal kanban board. Make three columns, namely to do, doing, and done. Add the task to this list as and when you complete them. Personal kanban may seem easy and ineffective, but it has some significant benefits, including:

  • Visualization

Personal kanban believes that you can manage things more effectively when you can see those things. That is why you draw a table and fill in the details in the columns. It can be seen as a personal reminder that tells you how you are progressing toward your work.

  • WIP limit works wonder

Another advantage of using personal kanban is that it does not let you feel overwhelmed. However, you need to remember that you must limit the tasks in your work-in-progress column to a maximum of three tasks. When you are putting an upper cap on the tasks to be done, you are not taking on more than you can handle. This means you can put your entire attention on the task at hand.

  • Customizable

Personal kanban offers flexibility, and you can customize it as per your needs. You can use it for your personal or professional needs to improve your productivity.

2. Time blocking

Time blocking is an effective time management technique that can be used to enhance productivity. To use this technique, you need to organize your tasks into specific blocks. Then try inserting these blocks into your daily schedule. It reduces multi-tasking and gives you enough time to focus on the task at hand.

How to time block and the benefits of using this technique

Start by making a to-do list. Organize the tasks into blocks based on similarity. Use a heading to organize similar tasks and then start working on them. Use the blocks to schedule your day and then review your day in the end. Undergoing this procedure may help you in the following ways:

  • Provides certainty

You can schedule every minute of your routine with time blocking. It is based on the implementation intention which means when you schedule a specific time and place for a task, you are more likely to complete it within the time frame. Moreover, it keeps you away from overestimating your abilities.

  • More work in less time

Time blocking is also based on Parkinson’s law. It means that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. When you block your time, you can do more work within the stipulated time.

  • More aware of time

Time blocking makes you more aware of how you spend each minute of your day. As a result, you prevent distractions and recognize the importance of time.

3. Pareto principle

The Pareto principle is based on the fact that the majority of results come from a minority of causes. It means you can achieve more by putting in minimal effort. It is also known as the 80:20 rule and helps you improve your productivity. The benefit of this technique is that it lets you analyze and prioritize your tasks, and as a result, you improve your productivity.

All these techniques are essential to make your day more inclined toward your work. You can enhance your productivity and make your class more inclusive by following these techniques.

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