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Tips for Online Classroom Design and Organization

Online classrooms are the need of the hour in today’s times. The education system has changed drastically due to the present pandemic. Classes are now online because people cannot gather physically in groups.

Virtual classrooms are different from offline classrooms. They do serve the same purpose and provide the same opportunities for learning and teaching, in a more streamlined manner. It is the universality of the internet that has made everything possible in such difficult times.

Due to the world’s current situation, it has become crucial to understand how an online classroom works, as it will be helpful to anyone who might want to design the same.

Tips for Online Classroom Design

Let us discuss a few tips that should be kept in mind while creating an online classroom design.

Evaluate the Needs and Necessity of the Online Classroom

This step aims to be sure about the need for the virtual classroom and the basic groundwork to develop it. In simple terms, evaluate the current condition and what output you want.

There are a few questions that need answers before beginning with the classroom design.

  • How many remote students are going to attend the online classroom?

The capacity of the classroom helps you choose the right platform for the virtual learning session. Many platforms offer different sizes for virtual classrooms. Choose wisely according to your requirements and other features that you will need for the training. It is best to go for an online teaching app that dxoes not impose any restrictions.

  • Will the attendees be able to perform all the necessary interactions?

A facilitator should know their class. So make sure all the students can perform the necessary actions and reach their full potential in the virtual session. Teachmint, for instance, has all the necessary features that students and teachers would ever require.

Create an Estimate of the Development Cost and Effort

Deciding on a quantitative estimate for the classroom design is a significant step. Having an accurate overall cost of the online classroom gives a clear picture of how the learning experience will be for the students.

  • The technological tools required.

You need to attend to many things while creating an online classroom design. Prepare a complete list of hardware and software necessary for your virtual classroom. It is advisable to choose the best free app for online teaching.

  • The cost of the technology.

The hunger for having the best technology never dies, but an individual should also consider the cost of every tool and technology they use. Don’t spend over your budget. Buy things that are durable and less expensive but also serve the purpose.

Plan the Virtual Classroom

The main goal of conducting an online session is the educational perspective behind it. The first step towards planning the virtual classroom is to set your objectives. Prepare a list of educational goals for the particular course or subject.

How you will accomplish the goals is the next step, and the last step will be deciding which approach you can use to achieve it. Following these steps will give you a brief idea of what you should expect at the end of the training or course.

Create the Online Classroom Design

Before beginning with the classroom design process, certain things need your absolute attention. These are essential questions that will determine the look and feel of the virtual classroom.

Prepare and Distribute Content

The course materials will include content that consists of images, videos, audio, animations, etc. Prepare the content you are planning to use beforehand. Ensure that your communication is not complex, even with heavy content.

Before preparing the content for classroom design, learn to import and edit images, sounds, graphics, animations, and videos. Choose

Implement an Online Assessment Method

Any course is incomplete without an assessment because it is crucial to perform a knowledge check after teaching a new concept. Once you finalize the content of the classroom design, the next thing is to consider is the online assessments methods that you will use for the course.

  • Quizzes

Quizzes are a fun way to get the class enthusiastic about the concept they learned and a great way to test their knowledge. Online teaching platforms help in creating online quizzes. Choose the platform wisely.

  • Online assignment

Assignments give a better understanding of how much knowledge the students have acquired from a lecture or course. Online lessons also help provide an accurate result about how many individuals understood the topic thoroughly and how many of them just got the basics.

  • Student evaluation

Student evaluation methods like peer review or self-review also help in assessing the knowledge of the learners.

Creating a virtual classroom set up requires a lot of attention in the beginning.

To maintain a virtual classroom, you need to take care of the things mentioned below.

Don't forget Software updates

One of the most critical steps of organizing your virtual classroom is proper maintenance of the system with software  updates.

An online classroom may require attention initially, you can tackle this by choosing a good online teaching platform. It is a great way to reach out to remote learners and experience learning without the hassle of a physical classroom.

Teachmint is keen on changing the future of education with its advanced LMS and ERP tools. With more than 20+ modules for educational institutions like admission management, attendance management system, performance management, and more; it is changing the teaching-learning experience.

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