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Virtual Classrooms- A Complete Walk-Through

Growing up, when my mom used to wake me up for school, I used to tell her that I will just sit at home and close my eyes, and I would be able to hear whatever it is that my teachers say. Little did I know that it would be possible. Instead of closing my eyes, I just have to click on my screen!

We have come a long way in terms of technology and education. The whole world is just a click away. Online teaching, online classes, etc. have become household terms now. Virtual classrooms have also made their way to our daily vocabulary. This blog will help you understand more about virtual classrooms.

Let’s start off by understanding the meaning of virtual classrooms.

What are Virtual Classrooms- An Overview‌

Virtual Classrooms; live classes; teacher and student interaction

By definition, A virtual classroom is an online learning space that takes into consideration live collaboration between the teacher and the students as they participate in learning exercises.

Virtual classrooms are mutual online spaces where the students and the teacher cooperate at the same time. For the most part, these communications happen through videoconferencing. In this sort of communication, the teacher has the significant job of the mediator who controls the learning procedure and supports the exercises and conversations.

How to Manage Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms are significantly different than normal classrooms and to manage these classrooms, different approaches have to be used.

  • Open forum For Interaction

Teaching in virtual classrooms can be effective only when there’s enough room for interacting with your students. Ensure that there are enough opportunities for the students to interact with other students, and for the students to interact with the tutor. This can be done through group discussions, Q and A sessions, and activities.

We have talked about this in our previous blogs, if you have not read it yet, read it here.

  • Variety and Innovation

It is always advisable to attach variety to your strategies. Innovative methods of teaching help to ensure that your students don’t lose interest in the lessons. You can make use of various online teaching tools to add creativity to your lessons. If you want to know more about how to add creativity to your lessons, read our blog, A Complete Guide For Online Teachers.

  • Keep a Tab on the Time

Studies show that the ideal time for an online lesson is 40-60 minutes. Make sure to wind up your session within that time frame. If you are a primary school teacher or an elementary school teacher, consider shortening the duration of your classes.

  • Blended Learning

Create a collaborative learning environment where the students and teachers are in constant touch with each other. This will help in establishing a strong connection that is essential when it comes to online teaching.‌‌

Advantages of Virtual Classroom‌

Online Classrooms; live classes app; teaching app
  • Anywhere, Anytime

The main advantage of virtual classrooms is the availability and flexibility that it brings to the table. It is available, anytime, anywhere. This accessibility that virtual classrooms provide, brings in a breath of relaxation for coaching centers, tutors, and students alike. The flexibility that such classrooms provide reassures quality and effectiveness.‌‌

  • Visualization

With the latest tools and devices available, visualization is easier and more convenient. For instance, if a teacher wants to show the cross-section of a flower, they don’t have to resort to a blurry image in a textbook, instead can use animation and other effective mediums to convey the lesson. This will help in taking across the message in a crisp and effective manner.‌‌

  • Exposure

We have discussed this point time and again in our previous articles, the kind of reach that online teaching and virtual classrooms can bring to the table is commendable. Not to mention that it enables long-distance learning and teaching. While some people may consider virtual classrooms as an impersonal medium, it is quite the contrary. It is scalable and accessible to millions of students out there and is the need of the hour.‌‌

How do you Conduct a Virtual Classroom?

It is normal for teachers to have doubts and confusions as to how to conduct a virtual classroom and how different it would be from the normal classroom set up. Though virtual classrooms are significantly different from the usual physical classrooms, the psychology and the behavior of the students remain the same. Once you set up the virtual classroom with the help of a good internet connection and a platform of your choice.

It is important to choose your platform wisely, some platforms will help you mark attendance and measure engagement, and measuring engagement is essential when it comes to online classes. Take classes keeping in mind that in a virtual set up, students might be more distracted than usual. We have discussed in detail about the things that teachers should keep in mind while teaching from home in one of our previous blogs, if you have not read it yet, you can read it here.

Teaching online using virtual classrooms is as simple as it can be with Teachmint. Teachmint is an all-in-one solution for managing online classes, taking live classes and more. This holistic platform is all that you need to take your classes online and reach the wide student population.

Virtual classrooms play a huge role in the life of students and teachers alike. For students who want to up skill themselves and for teachers who want to reach more students, virtual classrooms act as a gateway. It is like a bridge between teachers and students. With the growing interest in E-learning and the rapid development of the technology surrounding it, it is certainly a good idea for teachers to go down this road and invest in a virtual classroom setup.‌‌‌‌‌‌

If you are a teacher of the new age looking to learn more about the future of teaching, you have come to the right place. Stay tuned for more informative blogs on teaching. Until then, keep spreading knowledge and joy.

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