Online Whiteboard for Teaching

Online Whiteboard for Teaching

  • Anagha Vallikat
    Anagha Vallikat

The use of online whiteboards has seen a marked increase in the past few months. As online classes become more inclusive, online whiteboards help to foster better communication and interaction.

Online whiteboards are effective and easy to use while conducting online classes. It can support multi-media materials including texts, images, shapes, and likewise. Choosing online whiteboards over the traditional whiteboard is better during live classes and presentations because traditional whiteboards are restricted to paper documents, chalks or cards.

How to Use an Online Whiteboard?

How do you make use of an online whiteboard? Here's a step by step guide:

  1. Click on the "Go live" button
online whiteboard

2. The following screen will appear, click on the "share" button.

3. Click on the "share whiteboard" option.

online whiteboard; teachmint

4. The online whiteboard will start being shared and you can make use of the whiteboard to convey the concepts in a better manner.

The following image is a sample of how your online whiteboard would look like.

Teachmint Online Whiteboard
Teachmint Online Whiteboard

5. You can see that there are multiple options such as 'pen', 'highlight', 'shapes', 'text', and more that you can use on the online whiteboard.

6. The best part is that, you don't have to erase the whiteboard, you can just click on 'new' and add a new page. You can then save the whiteboard, all the pages will be saved together as a PDF and it will get reflected under study materials.

Online whiteboard is a great way to increase interaction and communication in the online classroom. With Teachmint, you can ace online teaching with ease.