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5 Successful Exam Revision Tips

What is Revision?

Revision is the process of recalling or revisiting the concepts that you have already learned for the exams. In simple words, revision can be understood as re-vision or looking at something again. Revising something, again and again, helps the students in attaining the mastery of that particular concept without any doubts. To understand the concept of revision better, let us take an example, if Karan read the concept of Verbs 20 days before the exam, they will have a rough idea of the concept on the exam day. However, to remember the concept clearly on the exam day, they will have to revise it a day or two before the examination. Revisions play a crucial role in helping the students ace their exams.

3 Pre-Revision Tips for Students

Before starting for the actual journey, an individual always makes sure to check the gas/petrol level in their vehicle, re-check on all the essentials, etc. Similarly, before starting revisions for the exam, students should make sure to follow these three tips religiously-

1- Get organized and make a preparation plan- Having a clear goal f what a student wants to achieve is very important to stay motivated throughout the journey. Making a good lesson plan or learning plan will help the students in understanding the basics of the concepts on time. Getting organized, arranging the necessary stationery items, books, etc. will play a key role in taking their exam preparation to the next level.
2- Collect the right study resources-
Another important point to remember is to choose the right study material or resources well in advance. Struggling at the last moment to collect the study material will do nothing for the students other than waste their time. Studying from the right books will add to the knowledge of the students and make them more confident about the understanding of a concept.
3- Prepare shrinked Notes-
Revising the concepts at the last minute needs the collection of short and accurate notes. In order to make the revisions at the last minute easy, students should make short and crisp notes when they try to understand the concept for the first time. Preparing good notes will bring their efforts during revisions to half, hence, it is an important step.

Now that we are all set for our revisions, let us understand 5 very important tips to make the exam revision successful.

Top 5 Exam Revision Tips

Every student has a different mindset and a different way of learning. However, a few things remain common for all of them. Like last-minute revisions, aren't they a savior for all of us? Of course, they are. Without any further ado, let's take a walk through the top 5 successful exam revision tips.

1- Start a little early- In order to not miss on any concept, it is crucial that the students start the revision early. Rather than waiting until the very last minute, students should start the revision at least a week before the final exam date. Starting early will also offer them experimenting with various revision techniques.
2- Find the right method that works for you-
There are several revision techniques that the students can follow. From using flashcards to highlighter pens or re-writing the answers, different techniques suit different learners. The candidates should follow the trial and error technique to know their perfect match in order to prepare well.
3- Stop stressing, start working- I
t is observed that students spend more time stressing about the exams rather than actually preparing for them, however, that should not be the case. The students should spend more time preparing for the exams in whatever way possible.
4- Take power naps-
Power naps are the saviors for students when it comes to effective learning. Learning while taking breaks is considered one of the best techniques to practice productive learning. And taking power naps will help the students in getting back to their studies with a refreshed mind every time.
5- Maintain a positive attitude-
Above them all, maintaining a positive mindset can be a game-changer. And as Tony Dungy quotes, “Be positive. Your mind is more powerful than you think. What is down in the well comes up in the bucket. Fill yourself with positive things.”

Thank you and Happy Learning!

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